The Real Cost Of Offshoring


As you have already heard something about offshoring and mainly about outsourcing, the economists and experts points out the most important attribute of both, that is cost reduction or more likely cost efficiency. But some studies, that were took in United States, showed the opposite. Offshoring might cause some other effects than just cost reduction which would give a positive influence on GDP.

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2 thoughts on “The Real Cost Of Offshoring

  1. There are many factors that producers have to take in aspect. And one of them, maybe the most important for them or better for a good sake of a company, is good companies position in market. That’s why if company chooses to move it’s production to other country it is because they want to improve business.
    Still I think they should they in aspect also consequences that this kind of decision leaves to other stakeholders, like ex-employees who lost job because of offshoring.


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