Homeshoring or homesourcing is alternative to offshoring. Read here.

Companies have another option to reduce their costs, not only with the displacement of their production or employees to another country, but they can also offer alternative as homeshoring which proven lowers costs and expenses. Not only this, homeshoring has also other positive effects, such as higher productivity, etc. You can read more about differences between offshoring and homeshoring here.
This article writes about real experiences of a women being part of homeshoring.


  1. Good point! In fact, homeshoring is as old as capitalism. It was the most usual way of saving labour costs in the begining of industralization.

  2. But homeshoring as a practice of outsourcing can’t be used in all models of industry, service, etc.

    For example, you can’t move production of tires or cars to somebodies home. So choosing between homeshoring and offshoring depends on nature of production or better, nature of product you are producing.

  3. To my mind home shoring or teleworking is a good alternative for students, par-time agreements or mothers with underage children at home. I have been working a teleworker for several month translating brochures for a tourist agency and I can assure that this mode of work doesn’t suit everyone. It is very hard to organize your work at home with all distractive elements around you. It is almost impossible to be productive if you don’t have a special working room (study) in your apartment. It is rare to meet an ergonomically well prepared workin place at home. It is hard to dedicate yourself to work fully at home, so at the end you struggle dead-line pressure. And if you are an workaholic it is hard for you to stop working in a relaxed home atmosphere. It is psychologically hard to stay the whole day at home. I truly believe that home-shoring can work in an alliance with par-time office work. Certainly working hours has to be controlled by an intranet program.


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