Europe in year 2015

Europe in year 2015

We found this “map” by accident but it come to our attention. We find it interesting because, in our opinion, shows some real and actual European issues. When we were looking on the map we noticed some interesting conclusions, for example where Netherlands should be, there is now Euro-Indonesia. Why we mentioned Netherlands? In recent past there was a lot written about Dutch politician Geert Wilders who made a movie Fitna. Movie provoked many reactions; some of them were in favour of the movie and some against, of course. Anyhow the Dutch court decided that the movie Fitna can be shown, you can see it here.

Geert Wilders, as we wrote, provoked many reactions, however we think that wasn’t his only intention. With publishing the movie he also gain a lot of political points, hence votes. That is not that infrequent thing in Europe in recent years, that is to use extreme views on immigration conditions in certain country and with this gain political points. You can read more here.

We are aware that this map was made with a good measure of humour, but still it shows what people are thinking about economic and other immigrations and how immigrations affects peoples’ perception of image of Europe in next decade.

Jure & Marta


19 thoughts on “Europe in year 2015

  1. I like the map and i think it shows how the most important states are also the most attractive for the immigrants. You can see that France will become new Islamic country, the Great Britain as well, and so on… However i think that the perception how people see the other small European states, such as Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic,… are becoming also popular for the new immigrants, just its not so known cause the inflow is not so significant and in big numbers.

  2. This map is really good. I just want to add one information about Germany changing into new turkey. At the moment about 1.4Million Turkish people live in Germany and each year they immigrant more and more.
    In my opinion with the help of this map you are also able to think about the effects on the European Union as well. The European Union will become a more mixed cultural state. However, the effect of that could be that it will be really difficult to find consens between these different states. Moreover, the question will be: where are the habitants who live there at the moment? What will be the consequences for them? Does it mean that they have to move out because there is no work or no home for them anymore?

  3. Inga: “…Does it mean that they have to move out because there is no work or no home for them anymore?”
    As you all now natality in European Union is a big concern. And country with one of the lowest birth rates is Germany. If country its self is not capable to “produce” it’s own labor force than labor force should be imported. So in my opinion and if we take Germany for example, new immigrants are necessary for economic development and growth.
    Almost all EU countries face the same problem, that is low birth rate. Politicians are trying to solve the problem of low natality. But is it really a problem if in other, non-EU countries, have a high birth rate? Or is it just fear to lose our identity?

  4. That’s true that Germany has a really low birth rate and of course, in Germany they started some campaign to increase the birth rate. However, at the moment in Germany are about 3.5 Million people unemployed and every year it’s getting more and more difficult to find a job. On the one hand, there are some immigrants for example from Pakistan in the technology sector. It’s correct we need them because there are skilled workers in contrast to many German ones and of yourse, it’s necessary for economic development and growth. But on the other hand, many immigrants immigrate to Germany because of the fact that Germany has a real good social insurance. That means that the many immigrants get everything what they need from the state. Sometimes these people have a better live than people working. As a result these people don’t want to work because it’s so easy for them. Then they don’t support the develoment.

  5. This map is very nice! I think mostly it is true, because the emigration and immigration is in very high level in EU, for example in Spain, UK, Germany and other countries. From my experience, I can say that Latvia as well is a country whose workers are going to other countries, such as Ireland, UK, Sweden, Germany and other as well.
    As you can see in this map, the name of our country have not changed, that true, we do not have now so much immigrations, but I would like to admit, that still we have some problems with immigrations from Russia who still live in Latvia from 1900s. The main reason was the occupation of Russia till 1991.

  6. It´s interesting to observe on the map that for example Scandinavian countries won´t change into another countries. Actually the nordic countries are among the best places to live in Europe. I´m genuinely surprised how rich these countries are and the people really must have a comfortable life. They have a low unemployment, good welfare system, high salaries…and in spite of this they still remain less attracted to foreigners in comparison with countries like Germany, Britain or France…When I was looking for some more information on the internet I found some reasonas why they dont have more immigrants. Mostly it´s because of the weather, culture and kind of isolation from other important europian cities. For instance, I´m also interested to visit these countries, but when I should choose the destination for my study or work I´d also rather prefer countries like Germany, France or Spain:)

  7. Although this map is just some kind of imaginary forecast we can make some conclusions out of it. If we have a closer look on map we can obviously see that majority of immigrants in European countries represents Muslim population, therefore the forecast predicts that countries will change into new Muslim countries such as North Pakistan, New Turkey, etc.
    If this can happen till 2015, imagine what can happen till 2030. I was thinking, maybe new Muslim country, United Muslim European Federation (UMEF).

  8. As discussed on the comments here, we all agree that immigrants can be one solution to the problem of decreasing population and labour force. But since most of the immigrants from the third countries are at the moment rather low-skilled, it doesn’t solve the problem for the labour market. I believe that the receiving countries have to contribute much money to education in the future so that the immigrants can fill the gaps left by the diminishing number of local workers.

  9. Many receiving countries have a need for unskilled labour force because many people, for example in Slovenia, don’t want to be involved in some types of work, which are very dirty or physical. Still there are many problems left to solve concerning immigrants and labour market.

  10. Just want to add some information about Finland.

    Finland’s foreign community, only 1.99 per cent of the population, is very small in comparison with other European countries but it is growing. The number was 21,000 or 0.5 per cent in 1990. The biggest group of immigrants are persons who reside in Finland through marriage. Approximately 2,800 foreigners per year marry Finns. About 30,000 foreigners married to Finns reside in the country. A considerable proportion of the foreign community are returned Finnish migrants or their children, who have the citizenship of another country.

    The largest group of refugees was formed by Somalis who unexpectedly arrived via the territory of the former Soviet Union, totalling about 4,500 by the end of 2002. Nearly 4,000 refugees came to Finland from the former Yugoslavia. In 2002 Finland had about 3, 400 immigrants from Iraq, around 2,400 from Iran and 2,100 from Turkey. There was also an influx of about 1,800 Thais and 600 Filipinos, most of whom were women married to Finnish men.

    The increase of immigration has created a number of problems. The unemployment of foreign citizens is still over 30 per cent while for the whole country 7 per cent. Negative attitudes and xenophobia among the main population towards foreigners are still present. Also difficult Finnish language can be a barrier for new coming immigrants .

  11. The author of the map is overstraining the cultural face of Europe, that’s nice. Still I don’t think that minority like Turkish people in Germany, forming less than 2 percent of population, can cause such a difference for inhabitants. In Estonia more than 30% of population speaks Russians as mother tongue, so no harm for native Estonians. It would be interesting to form/see a map, which illustrates economic relations.
    And addition to Danka01` post: Despite of the low unemployment, good welfare system and high salaries most common explanations for low immigration rate in Nordic States are few job vacancies available for immigrants and job growth has been rather low compared to UK or Ireland, as well as the linguistic barriers.

  12. With 1.3 billion young people now living in the developing world-the largest-ever youth group in history-the report says there has never been a better time to invest in youth because they are healthier and better educated than previous generations, and they will join the workforce with fewer dependents because of changing demographics.

  13. İ think it is just a theory.Because 2015 isn’t too far to happen all these reactions.The countries have lots of problems and immigration is one of them but they are only talking and complaining about it.i think it is time to produce some solutions.They have power to solve it.
    In the future,Turkey will enter European Union and at this time everybody have to accept that the majority of the union will be Turk.And we will be getting stronger and accreting with other Turkish nationalities.
    Turkey will be in the same territory but maybe our territory can be enlarged.

  14. I found it quite interesting reading this now, in the year 2011. Especially when considering the role of Geert Wilders and what kind of career he has made, since this blog was posted. In varying sources you can find articles about him as either freedom fighter or preacher of hatred.

  15. This article was very interesting. You can agree with Gert Wilders that in fact this is a perfect picture of what is happening around Europe. This picture only opens our eyes to the truth about the ever changing Europe and how immigration has effected its change. It is understandable that some may take offence to this but he is only make a point at how migrants can shape another country.

  16. After seeing this map I have really mixed feelings. Basically I don´t like these maps with new world in few years but this one might be really true. Multiculturalism is going to kill cultural identity of countries which were very open to it and other countries which didn´t used to be very friendly to foreigners will be at least know. I mean especially Slovakia because I was fed up with “funny” maps where Slovakia was named Czechoslovakia or part of Austro-Hungarian Empire. If this is going to be true then I don´t like it because every country should have its own cultural and national identity, language and traditions. Most of us like multiculturalism but it shouldn´t exceed the original country. Erika Blazejova

  17. I don’t like this map, for the simple reason that I don’t like borders. I’m from the Netherlands and there are a lot issues around Wilders. But I think that the world is just becoming smaller and smaller, which also means that it is easier for people to move around or move to better places. For example the Erasmus exchange program and the internet. It makes our world smaller. I think everyone should deserves that. Our maybe instead of making some shocking movies, there should be more money and time spended on development work in the third world countries.

  18. i would think it would be best for eu …to put really strong emigration laws ..put everyone out of eu who is not eu born…and for the labor part i would think it would be a 100 times better if they were out so the ethnic people would feel more safe jobs would be created ……or otherwise it will become just like usa ..a place for everyone no ethnic no nothing ..we european have an ancient history and culture …why ruin it by allowing other people into our home our contry our family …they cheat the system some do not even work they live with goverment money some steel ….eu is like a big family …..consider this would you allow a strange person come to your family and change ur rules sleep in ur bed while u sleep on the floor …i don’t think so …this is what is happenign to eu..i think we should stand strong and take them to wherever they came from …..EUROPE IS FOR EUROPEANS AND NO ONE ELSE …..


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