Labor Force Leaving Eastern Europe

I know that we already have some posts about migration in Europe, but I have found another interesting article about the labour force from Eastern Europe leaving the home countries and going to work abroad…Everybody is talking about how the economic situation and living conditions are improving and also new jobs are being created, salaries are rising but in spite of this there are still many people looking for better opporunities in western Europe. In the wake of the departures of the workers are huge labor shortages. For example Slovakia has created an excellent environment for car manufacturing and capacity has increased, but now automobile companies such as Volkswagen and Kia Motors have been unable to find enough skilled workers to assemble the vehicles. Poland and the Baltic states have been unable to meet housing demands due to too few workers. Things are so bad in Poland that President Lech Kaczynski has complained of being unable to find someone to paint his house because all the painters have moved away. After the entry to EU there are not so many restrictions for immigrants from central and eastern Europe to join the labour market in UK or Scandinavian countries. Now the governments are trying to do some measures to fill the gaps, but are stil reluctant to increase wages because it may degrade their attractiveness to foreign investments. Here is the article.


3 thoughts on “Labor Force Leaving Eastern Europe

  1. Recently there were some comment in the Slovak press about migration of the Slovak graduates. Nowadays the students know their value and are aware of it that they are wanted. The problem is that young skilled people rather leave their country for few years to go to work in western countries, than to work for less at their home country.
    Today the young graduates dont have problems with foreign languages, mostly, and dont start forming their own families directly after graduating. This could could be the two biggest reasons of migrating to another country. The young people dont have so tight connections and are willing to travel more in order to find a decent work and life.

  2. Nowadays it is like that, as lindushka comment; young people are looking for new opportunities abroad. Skilled and very good educated people are looking for the best jobs. And they usually find them in western world. This progress and changes in modern world help us to improve our knowledge and get new experiences with going out from your native country, to learn foreign languages, work in different circumstances…
    . In generally everyone, who has motivation and wants to get some more experiances, will go abroad, because for example, Slovenia is very small, and many people would like to work and study in foreign countries, especially western, because there are much more opportunities, which we cant get in our country.

  3. I agree with these 2 comments and I also think that young people have more opportunities to work abroad, because there are many factors:

    1. You are young and you do not have obligation, just maybe to your parents;

    2. You have education or you would like to have it abroad;

    3. You would like to have some extra job experience to work later in your country;

    4. You would like to earn some money for some aims (studies, family, to buy something big, like house or car);

    5. And other, because all of people have different wishes.

    As well when you are working abroad you have some extra experience and you can see how work others. For example, I found one home page where you can go to work to other countries like as volunteer. “Volunteering is a great way to contribute to the global community and gain experience, and also fosters personal growth. Whether you would like to take a short volunteer vacation or a prolonged gap year, GVN provides challenging and affordable international programs abroad.”

    You can take look here –


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