Long-term unemployment in Estonia

In general unemployment has not been a problem for Estonia in recent years. Still a part of unemployment is somewhat problematic – long-term unemployment. In 2007 more than half of the unemployed were unemployed for more than 6 months and most of them in turn were unemployed for more than a year. More than a quarter were unemployed more than 2 years. The situation was slightly better among women compared to men.

It also emerged from the data, that long term unemployment was prevalent among the elderly (50-74-year-olds). About 55% of the unemployed in this age group were unemployed for more than 2 years. There are more long-term unemployed among the Non-Estonians – 56% of the Non-Estonians compared to 43% of the Estonians were unemployed for more than one year.

In comparison to the rest of the European Union (EU) countries: long-term unemployment has been constantly higher as a percentage of the total unemployment, e.g. in 2007 the EU27 average was 43.1% and the Estonian figure was 52.8%.

Data: Estonian Statistical Office Database, Eurostat


2 thoughts on “Long-term unemployment in Estonia

  1. Long term unemployment is one of the most problematic issues in Slovenia too. Many researches were made and programs started but long term unemployment still appears. This stain still exists from the beginning of our transition era and will be there till generations from this era will not retire.

  2. Additionally to long-term unemployed, we have to take into consideration intimidated persons, which are out of registered unemployment. Amount of long-term unemployed have fallen out of labour force because of the hopelessness to find a job. Due to the restructions in transmission countries there are still a bunch of people with lack of the suitable skills or willingness to learn the new ones. As Jure already mentioned this pattern in labour market will persist for a while.


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