Slovenian Press Freedom Is Suffering, Journalists Say

According to research by the Peace Institute, an international nonprofit group with offices in Ljubljana, there are three types of press censorship in Slovenia. The first type of censorship is when sentences or whole paragraphs of text are deleted or changed without the consent of the author. Second on the list is when a newspaper refuses to publish articles or opinions after they have been assigned by editors. The third kind is people and topics that are verboten to writers if editors believe writing about them could disturb the government.

Not that long ago Slovenian journalists wrote open letter to people who live in the European Union due to censorship of government, losing jobs because they wrote something against government and so on. There were many public debates about this problem and also debates in European parliament.


2 thoughts on “Slovenian Press Freedom Is Suffering, Journalists Say

  1. The cuestion is what comes first, protecting individuals’ interests or freedom of information? In Slovakia after extended tension between the prime minister and the private media, a new press law was passed. Since taking office, many Slovak politicians have criticized the media, calling it biased. The prime minister said that the only real opponent and the biggest problem of slovak politics is the media…He criticized that they publish an increasing amount of false, biased and misleading statements aimed against the current government of the Slovak Republic…The new and tough press law will bring a significant shifts in Slovakia’s media landscape.

  2. First I want to mention that Press Freedom is necessary to inform people about everyday occurrences and political events. For the society it´s a very fast and easy way to get information he needs for example before elections. The difficulty is that there are not clear strict limits for press and media especially when they have to write about political concerns including private life of politicians.
    In Germany we have a lot of critical opinions according to the press freedom. In that case many journalists lost their jobs after publishing ineligible articles which violates the law.
    To resume up this statement there should be more reforms to be instituted to take care about the Press Freedom that in the future the Press work will be more secured in addition to the freedom of the opinion of the citizens.


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