Doors are still closed for Eastern Europe workers!

Though there have been improved conditions of work for immigranting workers by establishing reforms and finally dissolving restrictions by 2014, there are still indisputable few problems for a free entrance in all EU-countries. Especially new members of the EU Romania and Bulgaria hope to be integrated in open labor markets as soon as a special arrangement will be accomplished. Pursuant to the statistics of Commissions 2006 shows less than one percent of the working age population in all old EU member states except Austria (1.4%) and Ireland (3.8%).

Most of progressive developments of the EU-members to enable immigrants access to work are demonstrated in Austria and Germany. In contrast in the Netherlands it remains to find some solutions accomplishing with the lack of workers or high numbers of illegal workers in some sectors.


2 thoughts on “Doors are still closed for Eastern Europe workers!

  1. I read in one report that it is expected that by 2011 all labour barriers between Western and Eastern Europe should come down. There are still many EU member states that restricted access to their labour markets, but on the other hand, countries like UK or Ireland have reaped economic rewards from opening their labour markets to workers from Central Europe. The report also points out that in the UK and Ireland the new workers are much less likely to be unemployed than locals. On the other side calls have been made in Ireland for a more managed immigration policy, after the arrival of 150,000 labour migrants from the east.
    This is half as many as the UK, but because the Irish workforce is much smaller than Britain’s they make up a far higher proportion – 5% – of the total. In all, migration flows have had a “positive effect” on Europe’s economy.

  2. I think Ireland has now a lot of problems with the economy because very important companies left the country. Our only hope is that the Lisbon strategy yield fruit.


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