More available jobs in industrial sectors than unemployment in Germany!

As actual reports the companies in Germany have an estimated 1,5 million unfilled positions and therefore there are still vacancies for improving the unemployment situation according to the German labour market.

For example in the metalworking industry there are still capacities to hire more workers. The considerable number of 224.000 open positions in this sector and electrical industries offering 221.000 unemployments there should be found some effective programms to solve these failures.

Moreover in the IT- sector there are 40.000 positions for data processors open compared with just 30.000 unemployed skilled people.
Though there is a constant increase in developing employment rate, actual analysis averts to the responsibility to reduce unemployment benefits to the jobless. Despite there is a positive trend of € 900 million in September 2007, the best result of the year.
But if the situation continues unchanged the number will highly rise up to about € 7 billion in the cards of 2007. This would entail that the Labor Office´s budget had been calculated based on a forcasted 2007 deficit of €4.27 billion.
A bad effect which could be avoided in the future by establishing operative stratical reducing the unemployment rate in Germany.
For more details see here

2 thoughts on “More available jobs in industrial sectors than unemployment in Germany!

  1. This is unfortunately the case in many countries – many of the unemployed are misplaced and in most cases the skills of the unemployed do not meet the demands of the employees. Here is where the government should become involved – by encouraging the mobility of the workers and by adjusting the education system so that the needs of the labour market are met. It is also important to provide accurate training to the unemployed people.

  2. We will always have a number unemployed. This is because of the exogenous market constraints according to the theory of Milton Friedman. The State will not be able to do anything against it


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