Motivation to work abroad in Latvia




Higher salary

1 307


Better working conditions



New experience



Social guaranties



Career opportunities



To have a work



Work related to profession




5 thoughts on “Motivation to work abroad in Latvia

  1. I have found an article about why people would consider working abroad? As far as Europeans are concerned, 28% of them revealed that the reason number one woulde be experiencing a new culture or learning a new language. Just 11% of people would not consider moving abroad at all. The results of the survey also showed that 36% of Brits would be motivated by achieving a better quality of life…So when so many Brits would look for a better life somewhere else, we do not need to wonder that people from Eastern Europe or poorer countries choose to work abroad for any reason. Of course the main reason is usually money. The point is that now we in Europe are like one big state and the mobility of people has become natural and we should not wonder about it any more. As you may know in the past people from Eastern Europe did not have the chance to travel to the
    western countries, so now they just want to take advantage of it without that, that somebody would judge them that they left their homeland or family…

  2. In my opinion, working abroad is one of the best oportunity, especially for EU countries. People have chance to work in other countries, to get better salary, better quality of life and live in the different cultural environment.
    These things can improve your quality of life, to learn new language, spread your horizon…
    Especially last years, students from EU have much more opportunities to work, study or travel around.
    There are many organisations, which offer good possibilities for EU students. One of them is also erasmus exchange program, which offer beside studying also erasmus internship. So many chances to enrich your knowledgement, horizont and so on.
    aI think that these are some of the biggest advantages of being a member of EU.
    So, I really reccomend to all the students, to experienced these opportunity, to work or study abroad!

  3. As to Danka01 – I agree with you. I think in your country you have something the same, a lot of people go to work to other countries and the main reason in salaries and money.

    As to Klavdija – As well the motivation for the work, that in my country (Latvia) it is hard to find job what you should to work, because you have the right education, for example doctors. They finish university and go to work to Germany, Sweden, because there they can own more and more easily find the job. In these counties they need workers in different areas.

    There is also one risk, that new people choose to make their studies in other counties and stay in these countries for work and later for life, because in Latvia they cannot find the job.

    In my case – I would like to live and work in other countries, because I think the same like main part of Latvians, that abroad is better life in many cases.

  4. As friends told before,people have lots of reasons to go to other countries.Earning more money,educating,learning new languages-cultures,working or living in good conditions are some of them.But it is all about their countries.People who don’t like their countries’ situation want to go to western countries.Because EU gives lots of opportunities to their public.So everybody want to take advantages of that.
    But the situation is difficult for non-European countries.They have to get visa to go European countries and they have to obey the rules and lots of procedures.For example;Turkey is now an active full-member candidate to EU.We can benefit some advantages for this reason.Erasmus exchange programme is one of them.But we don’t take all the advantages of it.When we will be a full-member,we get all the freedom,too.
    And then, people who want to work,visit or educate can come to Turkey and take all the advantages like Turkish citizens.

  5. About this situation what you have in Turkey, that you still waiting for the acceptant to enjoy to EU. Your country would have more opportunities like the same situation what Latvia have after year 2004.


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