Only 18.5% of Older Women Employed in Slovenia

With 13.2 percent of the population aged 65 years or more (1997), Slovenia ranks among the older societies in which the percentage of elderly people continues to rise.

While only 30.7% of older people were employed in Slovenia in 2005, the share stood at a mere 18.7% for women, says a document on employment published by the European Commission on Monday. This puts Slovenia below the EU average, which stood at 42.5% (33.7% of older women and 51.8% of older men) of older people employed in the 25 EU member states in 2005.


3 thoughts on “Only 18.5% of Older Women Employed in Slovenia

  1. For example, the level of female employment in Latvia is sill higher than in the EU average and this difference tends to increase. The Latvian woman’s are with higher dominance in different sectors (trade, hotels, restaurants and other services).

    According to data of the Labour Force Survey done by CSB, unemployment rate has went down from 14.4% to 8.7% in 2005 compared to 2000. The unemployment rate at the end of 2005 was 7.4%, which is a considerably lower level than a year ago (8.5%).

    Compeering with 2002 the female employment rate in Latvia exceeded the EU-25 rate by 2.1 percentage points but the difference reached 2.8 percentage points in 2003 and 2.7 percentage points in 2004. This can be explained by low proportion of manufacturing in Latvian economy and bigger share of the sectors with higher proportion of women in the number of employed persons (trade, restaurants and other services).

  2. Population ageing is a serious challenge to the labour market, economic growthand social protection
    systems in Europe.
    Increasing the labour force participation of older people is essential, through addressing the reason for their inactivity.
    Active ageing strategies are starting to produce
    results, with employment.
    The EU is facing a substantial challenge due to population ageing, which is the result of low fertility
    rates and increasing life expectancy. The population is expected to become much older, with a marked
    change in the age structure of both the overall and working-age populations, and with the labour market more and more influenced by the older generation. This will have an impact on economic growth and lead to mounting pressure on social protection systems.,
    However, currently over half of 55–64 year olds in the EU are inactive, mainly for reasons of retirement but also due to poor health, personal or family
    responsibilities, or the belief that no work is available. Transition into inactivity for older people is nearly always a path of no return.
    While the increase of female older workers is mainly due to cohort effects, for men it appears more strongly linked to recent policy measures related to active ageing.

  3. Ageing of population is no doubt one of initial problems of European labour market which is hard to be solved by applying any policies. Birth rate in Europe is continuing to declain so ageining is obvious. Funny, but a year or two ago president of Russian Federation made an extra holiday for people to have time to improve birth rate. To my mind excess of women over 55-60 depends a lot on cultural issues, health care institutions and educational courses. It is important to provide older weman an opportunity to change their specialization or to improve their experienced skills. It is also important to make sure that older labour force can apply for part-time employment or so-called par-time retirement. This kind of working form alternatives can help to transfer implicit knowledge to new coming employees. It is also possible to contract retired workers as tele-consultants .


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