Big entrepreneur misplaced the headquarter

One of the biggest insurance company is the Gothaer. Annually this company earns about 4 Milliarden Euro and has about 3.5 Million people insured. This company was found in Gotha (east Germany) and after the second world war the headquarter moved to Göttingen, my hometown, in the centre of Germany. For Göttingen and as well for the whole region the company is / was a really important employee as they employed about 1.200. In the 90s Gothaer start to establish a new location in Cologne where at first some branches of the insurance were moved. Finally, in 2006 the Gothaer management team informed that they will close Göttingen and move the location to Cologne as well.

Right now in Göttingen there are only 750 employees left and each month there are less and less. The company offer to give some people the chance to work in cologne as well. If somebody doesn’t want to move to Cologne he’s unemployed. I can immagine that for each person who has his family and friends there it must be a really hard decision.

So, what do you think? Will you go to another city to work there? What you will do with your family?

Source (I’m sorry, it’s only available in German language )


3 thoughts on “Big entrepreneur misplaced the headquarter

  1. This is very interesting article. For sure everybody have something to say about this kind of problems. From my own experience I could say, that I have seen many movies about this kind of situation in many countries. For example in USA in many cities they have families that just live during many generations and work in the same place – coal pits. After some years they need to close them and these families have nothing to do and they cannot earn more money and they need to leave the city, because they cannot live no more.
    The same situation in this case. In my place I think I would go with my family, if this other job would be like 100% better and sure that I will have it and my husband could work as well in this city. This is very hard question, but if you cannot do anything else in this city you need to move out to feed your family and earn money. This is the same like about immigration to other counties. You go, because you need to find a work – to earn some money and live.

  2. According to this problematic situation i will comment that this comes olong by and by with the global trends including flexicurity and flexible labour market developments. They are more opportunities to find a highly skilled job even for immigrants with opening more and more borders to move abroad. But at the other side the individuals have to be more efficient for a high productive work and willing to move to other places if it´s necessary in order to profit the company.
    In that case you haven´t got any other possibility to avoid these circumstances to maintain your work with all the consequences your family has to bear. It´s up to every indidividual person to define your own priorities concerning job and your own privat-life.

  3. Yes, this willing is this question about your family and life, there are many factors which affect to make this kins of award to move to other city or country.


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