Latvian labour market under imprisonment

Why I give this kind of topic to my post. As already you have read in various posts that I had give in this blog about Latvian Labour market situation and as you maybe remember of my presentation. Now I Latvia the main question is emigration to other countries.

Now while many Latvian`s have been going to countries such as UK, Ireland, Germany, Sweden for better work and job opportunities, Latvia itself is having work force troubles. Increasingly, employers must now recruit employees from other countries.

Why it is like that? Highly the number of workers coming from other countries continues to increase. During the first quarter of 2008 year, over than 1000 foreigners have come into Latvia, a significant immigration rate for a country of only 2.7 million.

Compared with 2003 (the year before Latvia entered the EU and all changes in all charts as well is after this years, for Latvian economy and labour market this year is very important) the total number of foreigners in the country today is higher. The number of the foreign nationals in Latvia in 2003 was 33,000 of the total population.

It is not easy to find a foreign employee and arrange all the formalities so that he may work in Latvia. However, the largest numbers of guest workers (from Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, China and Mexico) in Latvia are found in such areas as:

·         construction,

·         transport services

·         general industry.

The number of guest workers in Latvia is growing, and this trend is unlikely to change. However, it is difficult to forecast how the numbers of foreigner workers in Latvian enterprises will grow. 2007 year the number of the guest workers was almost 5000, somewhat more than might be forecast for 2008 if the current trend remains steady.

Before entering the EU in 2003 Latvia did not have a large number of immigrants. The number of foreigners who came to Latvia was about 2,200 annually.

As you can see from this post, Latvians are going to work to other counties and in their places we have workers from other countries. As well you can find out that even it Latvian worker would like to come after some years back it would be quite impossible, because you have still this situation that you do not have place to work.

As well here you can find some useful information about this curious situation:




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