Woman’s migration is increasing around the glob

A new World Bank report issued on 26 November 2007 states that women comprise half of the world’s immigrants and that number is increasing.

The fact that women now account for almost half the total migrant population is having enormous effects on development,” said Andrew Morrison, lead economist at the World Bank’s Gender Group.

Women are sending lots of money to their families back home, and evidence from rural Mexico shows that their migration leads to positive economic effects for the homes they leave behind,” he added.

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The former Soviet Union has the highest number of woman migrants, at 58 % and rising. In Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, and the Caribbean, the number is about 50/50 with the population of female migrants rising as well. In North America, the number of male and female migrants is even and holding steady.

In Africa, the percentage of woman migrants is 47 % and rising. Only Asia is seeing a significant decline in female immigration, currently at 43 % and falling.

Among women migrants educated in their country of origin, those from Ireland, Australia and the UK earn the most money.

The report stated that this highlights the “importance of language skills for labour market performance.” The study also shows that US-educated female migrants earn more than those educated at home.

The report suggested a few options to increase the positive effects of migrating women, including developing mechanisms to increase a migrant woman’s ability to influence allocation of household spending and expanding guest worker programs for migrant women.

As well here you can find 5 migrations types and read more about this increasing:


As well here you can find the full development report 2007 of The World Bank:



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