XVIII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work

I saw this topic and start to think, if we usually think about safety and health work, or just for the money amount what we could earn, for example –  working in not good conditions.

This conference will take part from 29 June 2008 – 02 July 2008 in Seoul, Korea.

They give this type of description – “Globally 2.2 million people die annually from work-related accidents and diseases and work-related deaths appear to be on the rise. Moreover, each year an estimated 270 million people suffer non-fatal, work-related accidents resulting in at least three days absence from work and an additional 160 million new people suffer from some work-related illness.

How it is in your counties? Do you think people are informed enough where they can go, if they need some help? They receive some retiring allowances when they have been working unhealthy work?

For example in Latvia less than half of Latvian workers and 81% of employers consider that they are aware of the legal aspects of employment relations. Some 79% of employers interviewed are aware of work safety issues, but only 14% consider themselves to be very well informed in this area. Overall, 30% of the employers interviewed admit that work safety regulations under Latvian labour legislation are difficult to comply with. These findings, among others, are the conclusions of the public opinion study on the operation of the State Labour Inspectorate, carried out in 2007.

I found as well one table with the question ‘Do you encounter the following conditions at your workplace?’ (Employee survey).

And here you have link to find more information about his conference:




2 thoughts on “XVIII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work

  1. I had also eperiences with the safety at work as I did a lot of work placements. One of them was at a manufacturing company for aluminium. Before I could start to work I had to go to the company doctor. He had to check if I were healthy. For me it was really strange because I thought: why? I would only work there for 5 weeks and only in the marketing department. However, he also gave some tips about the correct sitting and behaving at the table during the working time to get no healthy problems. He explained that even after a short time of working it could happen that you get healthy problems ( for example: by working too much with the computer). Then I had there a company tour as well and the responsible person explained to me exactly where you can go and about what you have to be aware. In the company itself everywhere you could find instructions in case of accidents.
    Moreover, some more stastics of Gemany:
    The amount of accidents decreases since 1960 ( the establishment of rule for safety at work of the government). In 2006 about 1Million accidents happened and unfortunately, about 900 death accidents. The main accidents happened in the construction and wood industry.
    Furthermore, there are the illnesses which can occur by working. These are for example: skin illnesses, problems with hearing and problem with your back. (Source: http://de.osha.europa.eu/statistics/statistiken/suga/index_html/document_view?set_language=en)
    I’m of the opinion that safety at your job is a very important aspect and each company is responsible to inform their workers. In Germany as mentioned before we have a quiet good information system. But there are other countries which don’t take s much effort for safety rules, especially in the third world countries.

  2. Inga, in dead I like your comment very much. You show to us that there is other part – the good one. Those big companies can offer such as health examination (health control) and you can be sure that they will take care about your health.


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