Mobbing at workplace

Mobbing is an important issue in the labour market. It has become more and more important for the last 10 years. Mobbing effects people more than all other things (much more than having an accidents). As the pressure to perform and competition within the company increases more and more mobbing is a daily phenomen all over the world. For example, in Germany there are about 1.5 Million people who suffer under mobbing every day. Mobbing means that employees are victimized by other employees (mostly a group of collegues ) and finally, this leads to the exclusion of the employee itself. The employee doesn’t want to go to work which has also a negative effect for the company because each day that an employee is not at work costs the company money ( in Germany: between 103 € until 400€). Moreover, the effectivness of productivity is also influenced by mobbing. Moreover, a staticstic shows that the the most important reasion for changing a company would be mobbing. (see here) Besides that, the effect for people itself can be horrible. For example there are the psycological effects: depressions, loss of concentration and nightmares. Some victims of mobbing also think about commiting suicide. Also it has effects on the family of the victim because many victim stop talking and meeting with friends. They are more and more isolated. On the other hand, mobbing has also physical effetcs for example: headaches, gastro-intestinal diseases or cardiovascular disease.



2 thoughts on “Mobbing at workplace

  1. This topic is really interesting according to the global common problem employees are exposed to mobbing. Nevertheless it can result in negative effects for the individuals as well as for the whole employee situation in the company.
    A mobbing report 2003 , one representative study for Germany show, their exposure with that physical and moreover psycological offence. It includes also practical strategies which are applied within their potential evaluation.
    Important to mention is that the most concerned people about 87 % of the respondents first really strike back. But their defense searching for reasons for being mobbed in general has no success. Ca.83 % spoke out that they were oppressioned by the other colleagues. Only 8 % of the interviewed people indicated that they were successful. Unfortunatelty about 60 % of the conerned people lost their jobs.
    According to that negative result it´s neccessary to get support and help from internal and external level f.e. the personal board at work and the family in their privat life.
    In order to establish a good working atmosphere it´s obligatory to institute a lot of contact addresses and helplines taking care about these problems. Moreover the arrangement of various dating pools and phone numbers in the internet are a processing development in this case.
    Finally this problem doesn´t exist just at working places. Social exclusion for example in schools extends all over the society and concerns everybody´s behaviour for a better cohabitation in the future.

  2. But the question is how to stop mobbing… Is it even possible?
    A Belgian study suggests the following eight measures:
    – Set a person responsible to deal with this sort of harassment
    – Oblige managers to prevent mobbing
    – Formulate the crime of mobbing
    – Implement an impartial inquiry following a complaint of mobbing
    – Deal with the problem in a meeting
    – Give support to victims of mobbing
    – Sanctioning the malefactor of mobbing
    – Oblige the malefactor of mobbing to follow a remedial course


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