The globe need workers

Do we think about our future work before we choose our studies? Sometimes there are situations mostly in all countries around the world, that after your studies you do not have work in this time or area. Here I found table of most wanted professions during the year 2007 and 2008.

Manpower Inc (The global employment services company) has found that 31 % of employers across the world are having a difficult time finding employees.

The top occupations in demand are:

·         skilled manual trades,

·         sales representatives,

·         technicians in the areas of production/operations,

·         engineering,

·         maintenance.

In your countries is the same situation about the most demanded jobs for future?


6 thoughts on “The globe need workers

  1. When I chose my study I didn’t care about for what the demand will be in the future. I chose to study international business because I like working in a company and doing something with figures. In Germany for example, most of he students study either medicine, economy or law. For students studying economy or law it’s not easy to find a job.

    In Germany:
    engineering (like in most other countries)
    information technology (highest demand)
    teachers ( especially primary school)
    natural sciences

  2. For example in Latvia now already for 10 years are situation that lot of students choose to study law and at the end they cannot find job and they job are not retaled with their studies. In my case, I choose the financial management, because now in Latvia we need workers in this field and as well I like these studies.

  3. When I was choosing my studies I was really thinking about employment possibilities in future. I have decided to study logistics not because I adore this profession; I thought I will have opportunity of finding a good working place. Without thinking when choosing profession I would probably now be studying landscape design, this is what I like. We always have opportunities to choose hobbies)))
    In Finland the most wanted professions are in:
    • Industrial sector
    • Service sector
    • Commercial sector (sales representatives)
    • Healthcare sector
    Unfortunately my future profession is not on the list. But it is on the list of most wanted in Russia, so maybe I have to return to my Motherland))

  4. That why lot of Latvian workers go to work to Finland in Healthcare sector, because you need there workers and you salaries ar higer.

  5. I am about to finish my studies, so I should be really thinking about where I want to work afterwards. With my field of studies, which is strategic management I can basically find a job anywhere, but the problem is whether I like it. I have some professional experience, some of the positions I really liked, some of them where just a good source of money, but none of them would give me long-term job-satisfaction.
    I am sure about one thing: I want to stay in Slovakia, my home-country.

    The top wanted positions in Slovakia are:

    Programmer / IT specialist
    Logistics manager /good for you, Evgenia – you can come to my country/

    and professions in the automotive and building industry, as there is a big growth in these two industries

  6. Yes, if you have good work conditions in your country, you can stay there, because it is better (family, friends, language, money). The other reason is that other people cannot stay in their native countries if they do not have situation like you.
    This again is one good reason for immigrants.


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