Facebook value higher than Turk firms

Just 1.6 percent of global networking Web site Facebook’s shares were sold to Microsoft for $240 million last week. The three-year old Facebook’s value exceeds that of nearly all the giant companies listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange (IMKB) that are much older and employ thousands of people. Facebook’s value is higher than 332 out of 336 companies listed on the IMKB. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg, a young entrepreneur who couldn’t even finish his studies in Harvard University, Facebook’s market value is said to be around $15 billion. The market value of only Akbank(Turkish Bank), Turkcell(Turkish telecommunication company), Is Bank and Garanti Bank (Turkish Banks) managed to exceed that of Facebook. Facebook, founded in 2004, is the world’s largest social networking Web site with its more than 42 million active users. The value of Facebook is much more than that of the largest holding companies in Turkey.


2 thoughts on “Facebook value higher than Turk firms

  1. Social networks are very popular nowadays and Facebook is not the only one. I am myself registered in two different net social networks. Think I am a nit bored about them already, they break my privacy. Whoever can see my pictures and live comments, I don’t appreciate that. Concerning working network, Facebook may help sometimes. You can find some contacts among your list of “friends” that can help you in your future career. But in a way, it is hard to write massages to people you haven’t talked to for years and only because you are “friends” in Facebook I am not sure they help you.


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