Turkey advances in biodiesel production

I found this information when i was looking the news about Turkey.And i gave attention to this production and i wanted to share with you.

Canola, which has attained strategic importance because of its use in biodiesel production, is drawing investors to Turkey. Cost-effective production, transportation and labor force make Turkey an attractive center for canola production.Following the incentives set forth by the European Union (EU) to increase biodiesel use, many investors in the EU have begun showing an interest in countries outside the union. There are not enough areas to produce canola in the EU where production costs are also high. Authorities claim that some EU-based companies rent lands in Turkey for canola production. However, as biodiesel production in Turkey is not tied to legal standards at the moment, productivity has yet to thrive here. Evidence of this shows Turkey as the second biggest biodiesel producer after Germany among EU countries, but its market share is only 5 %. The EU aims to use biofuel to replace fossil fuels by 5.75 % in 2010, by 20 percent in 2020 and by 30 % in 2030.

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