Slovak Labour Market Trends

According to analysis from March 2008, Slovak labour market will have to face a deficiency of qualified workers. The divergence between the demand and the supply will work for faster increase of qualified workers’ salaries. Slovakia is facing already now the difference in the structure of vacancies compared to the number of unemployed looking for a job.

The tension in the labour market can be moderated by returning of qualified workers from abroad. But the trend is exactly opposite. There are still more and more people working abroad because of simple reasons – better working conditions and remuneration.

The number of migrating Slovaks can grow if Germany and Austria open their labour markets without restrictions. However, the constant rise of Slovak salaries can pull some of the Slovaks working in neighbouring countries back.

The number of unemployed without qualification is in balance with the demand in the labour market. Even though the unemployment rate has declined in the past years, Slovakia still has one of the highest rates through-out Europe.


2 thoughts on “Slovak Labour Market Trends

  1. I don’t think that Slovak qualified workers will return from abroad. On the contrary, there will be more people leaving Slovakia. This situation with a lack of labour force could ameliorate immigrants. Still more and more immigrants are coming to Slovakia, because of strong economic growth and a lot of firms that start their business. This is the list of foreigners in Slovakia according number of immigrants: Czechs (5840), Poles (3990), Romanians (2948), Germans (2849), Hungarians (2693), Ukrainian (2240), Austrians (1456).
    Nowadays, the number of incomers from Romania and Bulgaria is still increasing. One of the reason can be entrance to the EU and right of permanent residence and job as well. Before they needed permition for more than 3 months.

  2. Interesting is that more than 1million Slovaks are working and living abroad (Slovakia has only 5mil inhabitants) and in Slovakia, there is still almost the highest unemployment rate in Europe. The problem is, that the educated people leave the country for better working conditions and those uneducated stay, without job (according to that unemployment problem..) Slovak employers are more willing to employ qualified immigrants for lower wages than incompetent Slovaks for higher salaries..
    So that is the problem.

    I hope that sooner or later, Slovaks will be more educated and if the working conditions will get more fairly remunerated, they will be willing to stay in our country.

    The competition is high..


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