Unemployment in Slovakia dropped to an all-time low

Slovakiais struggling with its unemployment for many years and is taking a lot of money from the state budget. It is caused due to a very high birth rate of the Slovak Roma population. It is obvious mainly in the reagion of east of Slovakia, which is a very poor region, where the Romas are centered. Also Slovakia is a country of medium and small enterprises mostly. This would not be considered as a problem if the legislation and business environment in the country were more flexible and started to apply the concept of flexicurity, to adapt more to the current labour market. Even though, implementing active labour market policy measures, one of the flexicurity factors, within the framework of the national action plan for employment (NAP) has contributed to the gradual decrease in unemployment levels. The report you can read here.

We have now lot of young people studying in Universities, so there is no worry about skilled labour force. The problem is with the low number of free positions in companies, whether public or private one’s.Continuing, the transition from school to work is not completly solved still. They say that to make this better, the students will be studying for those “empty” job position that need to be filled later. But to read more about this, take a look at this article.


One thought on “Unemployment in Slovakia dropped to an all-time low

  1. From my point of view, for skillful students there is no problem to find a job in Bratislava. On the contrary, we have a problem of young expert people going to work abroad or brain drain.
    Especially students with technical college are very demanded in Slovakia, however it starts to be a surplus of students with economical orientation.
    The problem can become to find job somewhere else in Slovakia, but this “problem” is still decreasing. A lot of factories and firms are coming to Slovakia especially because of cheap and qualified labor force, good infrastructure, fertile land and finally because a lot of free space.


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