If the world were 100 people

If the world’s population were represented by just 100 people, where would they live and who the earth would look like?

A move that I found helps to visualize the structure of population and true situation in the world. The movie will surprise you!  

It is much easier to imagine when someone tells you that 18 from100 have no access to clean water and 14 can’t read; only 7 have upper secondary education and 6 people own 59% of the entire wealth of the community.

See the movie here:



3 thoughts on “If the world were 100 people

  1. I would choose Spain or other warm country for living. This situation what you have described is the future of our world.

  2. I have already seen a similar presentation, probably based on this movie, or at least on the same statistical information. Such movies are supposed to open people’s eyes, so that they are able to see that there are greater problems in the world than theirs.
    Being able to see the world from a greater, distant and objective point of view is a very important and useful feature. Such movies help to create critical and synthetic thinking, so that an individual can see himself as a part of the world and create his own attitudes towards the rest of the world and towards himself as well.


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