Global labour market – every second woman disadvantaged

Due to a survey of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) 1.2 billion women were employed in 2007. Only half of them had a job which offers a humane area. Humane area means a job which offers sufficient salary, social protection, having a voice and compliance with working standards.(c.f. Focus, “Global Labour Market”, 07.03.2008)

The number 1.2 billion presents an increase of 18% for employed women during the last 10 years. Nevertheless the number of unemployed women also increased from 70.2 million to 81.6 million. The worldwide unemployed rate for women is about 1% higher than for men. A further inequity can be found in the payment of wages. Thus, women earned in 2007 about 16% less than their male colleagues. (c.f. Focus, “Global Labour Market”, 07.03.2008)

Although the female image has changed during the last 30 years, there are still inequalities even in modern areas like Europe. I think it is time to abandon with this medieval thinking and build up a labour market which offers same conditions independent of gender. As one of the latest parts of this world Europe has the responsibility to go forward as a good example for the rest of the world.

5 thoughts on “Global labour market – every second woman disadvantaged

  1. wow, only half of employed women had (have) job which is decent? that is really sad. does anybody know what is the percentage for men?

    however, i think that as far as developed countries are concerned, it is only a question of time when men and women will be totally equal in the working conditions. (if some nuclear war doesn´t come first 😉 )

    for instance, some time ago, homosexuality was totally forbidden in the world and a few years later, they have the same rights (even to marry or adopt a child) as heterosexuals. (ok, only somewhere, but again – question of time) i am just trying to say that i really hope that the world´s beliefs will be more and more mature..

  2. I hope that the new generation of young people, that are academic educated can make some changes to this numbers, because i can see a lot of inteligent opinions, we just have to trust and hope, that they can move their opinions forward or even that they canto hold a position from where they can make some changes.

  3. In Estonia, for example, there are more women than men in total, so the percentage of employed men/women is about the same. I just wanted to say, that the World’s statistics may be completely different with some exact region’s statistics, also if we talk about inequity of wages.

    Anyway, I believe that everything depends on the every person’s character and wish, so anyone can achieve what he(she) wants.

  4. I also mentioned this theme in my article Female labour participation. Nowadays, this theme is very important and always discussed. As blavacka said we have to trust and hope that we will see some changes. But in my opinion not only hope, we have to do something!!

  5. ..i forget..for zergnah – This is about global indicators not about national. So your opinion is true but I think that not so good for this theme.. 🙂


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