The global financial crisis – a high responsibility for the next generation

The global financial crisis has triggered a serious slowdown in world economic growth including recession in the largest industrialized countries. Enterprises have stopped hiring and many are laying off workers in considerable numbers.(c.f. Global employment trend report 2009)

The roots of this crisis can be found in the presumption and the acquisitiveness of managers. Although the welfare of many employees depended on their decisions, they mainly thought on their personal profit. A world which is leaded by persons without sense of responsibility is in danger. These people used their intelligence and their knowledge about the complicate structure of the financial market to enrich themselves of the expense of others.

Thus, our generation enters in a labour market which is tarnished. We should use this situation to build up a new standard. Although the behaviour of each individual is limited, a new thinking about moral, a new thinking about responsibility and a new thinking about doing could be the flicker of hope. Only the insight that the long-term financial success and stability requires a hierarchy in which the top features beside technical knowledge also a high sense of responsibility could recover the actual situation.


One thought on “The global financial crisis – a high responsibility for the next generation

  1. I appreciate the new efforts of managers to make their company sustainable. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a big topic to succeed in the war of talents, and create a new awareness of the customer.


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