Estonia is fifth for unemployment in EU

The average unemployment in the European Union (EU) is 7.9 pct according to Eurostat information, and the unemployment is highest in Spain, Ireland and all three Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia).

In Spain the unemployment was 15.5 pct, Latvia 14.4 pct, Lithuania 13.7 pct, Ireland 10 pct and in Estonia 9.9 pct.

The largest falls were observed in Bulgaria (6.2 pct to 5.5 pct) and Slovakia (10.2 pct to 9.8 pct), and the highest increases in Lithuania (4.4 pct to 13.7 pct), Latvia (6.1 pct to 14.4 pct) and Spain (9.3 pct to 15.5 pct).

The lowest unemployment was in the Netherlands, 2.7 pct.

By the end of march 54 979 unemployed had registered in the Estonian Labour Market Board, this is 18,5 pct increase from February. In a year unemployment has increased by 220 pct, writes.

According to the Labour Market Board 58 093 unemployed were looking for a job in March and out of that 1528 people found a job. 11 898 new unemployed people were registered.

At the end of March 9445 young people in the ages of 16-24 and 14 188 older people of 50 and older registered themselves on the Labour Market Board. 53,6 pct of the people registered were men.

During March the Labour Market Board had 3131 job offers for passing on and around April 1st there were 1459 job offers.

One thought on “Estonia is fifth for unemployment in EU

  1. this is very interesting, because this article was published on the 3rd of April, and i read something written on the 1st of April and it stated that Slovakia´s unemployment rate is still highest in Europe. what is weird, because eurostat states something else.. so i am going to check it 🙂

    according to eurostat, Spain has the highest unemployment rate (for several months) and Slovakia was on the second place for a long time. And i guess that last year this time Slovakia had the highest unemployment rate:

    “whereas last February Slovakia had the highest unemployment rate in the EU, in the same month his year the rate in Slovakia was lower than in Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland and Estonia.”

    ok, now i am content 😉


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