Main labour market trends in the context of Globalisation

World and its societies went through many changes during the 20th Century. Only a few areas of human activities were left unaffected. Most of those changes can be linked with the concept of modernization. In different parts of the world, spreading of industrialization, post industrialization, democratic and bureaucratic format or public administration, urbanisation, and other changing movements can be observed. Changes mentioned above became a base for further and wider spreading of modernization process.

Thanks to rapid technological advances, especially in information and communication technologies (ICT) we are witnessing human winning the contest with space. Space is no longer a barrier for human activities in the extent we knew it from the past. This success also increased new technology usage in economic activities. Knowledge and technology usage in human activities transforms the most successful societies to “Knowledge societies”. “Globalization” and “Knowledge society” are theoretical concepts referring to social changes which:

– can be overarched by the concept of modernization and

-were accelerated by technological progress.

Their essence is interconnected, therefore they cannot be analyzed apart.

Changes concerning labour market become especially important. Knowledge and new technologies application has radical impact on the workplace and the work itself. The main aim of new technologies usage is to increase productivity. Advanced technologies can substitute labour or other inputs. New knowledge in management can be used for reorganizing processes, divide the operations to improve specialization, etc. All this can increase productivity, but also brings new requirements on workers.

Employment structure change, non standard employment contract spreading and increasing income inequality are three major trends identified in the area of labour market. These trends are international thanks to new knowledge and technology diffusion.


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