Female labour participation

Increasing female labour participation is an important aspect contributing to the development process in many emerging economies. Identifying the determinants of female labour participation decision improves our understanding of the dynamics of labour supply and its interaction with economic development.

The rise in female labor force participation has several explanations as well. A major determinant is the stream of biotechnological advancements that have provided women greater control over and timing of childbearing decisions. This greater flexibility, along with advancements in household technologies (such as the introduction of the dishwasher and the microwave oven), has afforded women greater freedom and time to increase their educational attainment, providing yet another reason to devote more time to the labor market. Further, changing social attitudes about the role of women and the appropriateness of women working have increased job opportunities and, thus, incentives for women to enter the labor market.

The position of women in the European labour market has changed significantly, due to their entry into the workforce in large numbers in recent years. Despite this, there is still substantial segregation and inequality between the sexes. Men continue to work more hours in paid employment, and more men than women have paying jobs. Women are more likely to work part time and men are more likely to work long hours. However, when unpaid domestic work is accounted for, the picture changes dramatically: research shows that a woman working part time works more hours in total than a man working full time.


3 thoughts on “Female labour participation

  1. Yes, the world is increasing, but unfortunately not fast enough for us, i mean women. As you mentioned before we are still considered as a wives, mothers etc, but not as sufficient labour force comparing to men. I think, that this has to do something with men´s egotism. Also studies have shown that woman on the same education level, doing the same job gets less money than a man(in percentage is just 70% of a man´s salary).
    So ladies, let us fight against this stuff !!!

  2. I join you:-) Time to fight for our rights… The situation is getting worse in today´s labour market for women. But why? In my opinion, the only reasonable explanation that can be found for these disadvantages for women such as income gap, is femal discimination. Unfair treatment is obvious, although we have the same qualifications. Why are we studying then? Sitting at home, and taking care of our children……This stereotype way of thinking in people´s mind has to be changed.

  3. From a bit sociological point of view, we can sadly realize, that while women continue to “push forward” into the labor market, researchers warn that this new role poses a threat to the institution of the family.
    The deterioration of marriages, the divorces, the increase in the number of injured children might have connection with the women’s work occupation.
    While in developed countries in the sixties, a mother gave birth to an average of 2,5-3 children, single child family model is becoming more and more general, or careerist women just decide not have a baby.


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