Global migration – how is Slovakia affected ?

Migration has become a major issue and a top policy priority in the global world. However, for Slovak society it is a relatively new phenomenon. Traditionally, Slovakia was a country of origin, which people were leaving to seek better living and working conditions abroad. However, since 1989 and especially in the past five years migration through and to Slovakia has been intensifying. In coming years a further rise of the migration inflow can be expected, which will not only be migrants heading for other countries of the European Union, but also those who will come to live a better life in Slovakia. Thanks to the fast economic growth Slovakia is becoming a more attractive country of destination for migrants. Therefore there is a growing need to strengthen measures towards the effective management of migration, including the prevention of illegal migration. It is important that the country reacts to the changing trends and creates a comprehensive and effective migration policy, which will take into account the legal, economic, social, cultural and demographic aspects of migration. Slovakia remains principally a country of origin with migrants leaving to use job or study opportunities, which appeared after the country joined the European Union. Thus there remains a need to provide comprehensive and objective information to potential migrants about the conditions of travelling, staying and working abroad as well as possible risks related with it.


3 thoughts on “Global migration – how is Slovakia affected ?

  1. Slovakia is still used as a transition country to Germany or Austria. Most of the migrants came through the border with Ukraine.
    Slovaks as migrants – there was this huge migration to USA in 19th century if I am not mistaken, where more than half of at that time population left the country. Second big wave after 1968 when people ware escaping from former communistic regime. Nowadays, the Slovaks who leave the country are in generally coming back. The only nationality who try to settle in foreign are Gypsies trying to use other countries generous social systems. Last I want to point out, that there are about 3millions Slovaks living abroad (with 5mil living home) I dont really know why I wrote this, maybe just to do some general enlightenment 🙂

    P.S. Migration is good 😉

  2. I agree that Slovakia can become a transit country because of it geographical position. Like Ukraine which count each year more and more illegal immigrants which are cross this country to get to the centre of Europe. But some of these immigrants still in Ukraine. On the other side I think that the living condition in the CEE countries improve a lot during the last times and this is the reason because many migrants decide to move there and not only for short time.

  3. More or less I agree with the previous comments, but for example Hungary is still meant as a transit country for illegal migrants who are seeking for a better opportunity but some of them either try to settle down in Hungary because they are provided good facilities for free. Also the drugs delievered from Eastern countries get through firstly in Hungary, as it is the border of Schengen .


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