Actual crisis brings Germany to keep it borders closed

As pressure increases on national governments to protect their employees’ jobs, Scholz (German Employment Minister) said Berlin was not prepared to allow workers from the European Union’s newest members to look for work in Germany.

“Jobs are under threat,” Scholz told the Bild newspaper on Monday, Feb. 23. “Now is not the time for a rapid opening of our labor market to all workers from the new European Union member states.

“It’s not about closing our market … it is logical to open our labor market gradually,” he added.

Germany, Austria, Belgium and Denmark are the only nations in the 27-member bloc that still impose restrictions on workers from the 12 countries that joined the EU in 2004. (c.f. Although it might be useful in this actual situation to protect workers from the home country it poses again the question whether Europe shall regard itself as one big country (community). I think that decisions like this contravene with the basic principle of the European Union.


2 thoughts on “Actual crisis brings Germany to keep it borders closed

  1. As I remember, since the establishment of the European Union, and the idea of the free movement of the labour Germany has never been ready for open its borders…

  2. I think that this will change soon. Germany already realized that some jobs are overstaffed whether other fields are understaffed. So, they have no choice for the future.


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