Blue Card – A Solution for the European Labour Market

Based on the American idea of a “Green Card” the EU is thinking about the European version of a “Blue Card”. This card should allow non-European high-qualified employees from 2011 on to live and work in Europe. Due to the actual bad situation of the European labour market it is doubtful whether this would be a good solution. There are enough unemployed people on the European market who are looking for a job.

Nevertheless it is a fact, that there are big bottlenecks of the European labour market. Especially qualified employees in engineers and computer science are scarce. The “Blue Card” would allow Europe to employ on a fast and easy way non-European staff and thus, to strengthen for the world wide competition.

There are a lot of pros and cons when discussing the implementation of a “Blue Card”. Nevertheless it should be challenged what the basic task of the EU should be. From my point of view the EU should control and arrange the European market in the interest of the European people. Thus, the people within the EU should be the first factor to consider. Instead of short-term solutions from foreign countries, the EU should invest in promoting engineers and computer science jobs to the European young generation. I think that this would be the most efficient solution to ensure a long-term healthy market for the European people.


2 thoughts on “Blue Card – A Solution for the European Labour Market

  1. I totally agree with stricki´s opinion. European labour market should take care of the European people. Implement the “Blue card” may be very good idea. But, at first, European market should use its own potential.

  2. Invest in promoting engineer jobs and other sectors in which Europa needs qualified employees for the European young generation – It is definitely a better alternative instead of attracting high-skilled staff from non EU countries, I agree. But how can the jobs be filled when there is no young generation in Europe? Faced with today´s demographic crisis, Europe´s population is ageing and thus, in my opinion is dependent of skilled migrants.


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