Labour market in Slovakia may be saved by integrating immigrants and Roma people

Becoming problems in Slovakia with lack of qualified workforce may be solved by integrating immigrants, or even Roma people.

Slovakia aims to economic prosperity considerably. On the labour market however, start to emerge some factors which slow down this economic growth and threaten its longterm sustainability. Deficit of qualified workers is obvious for a longer time in the most developed parts of Slovakia. Its strength is becoming evident even in those less developed ones.

Qualified and educated people are the most important source of development of the society. In the world of demographic trends such as aging population or low fertility rates, the solution to the problem of scarce workforce is one of the main tasks to maintain the sustainable prosperity. What are our possibilities apart from supporting the education and responsible social and retirement policy?

Immigrants, who are attracted by Slovak strenghtening economy, represent new workforce for Slovakia. Qualified immigrants may help Slovakia bring investments with higher added value. Like immigrants, relatively small and dynamic community of Roma people hides great potential to contribute to Slovak development and moderate negative demographic trends on the labour market. Social exclusion of Roma community to the border of society is not only moraly unacceptable but is also huge waste of economic and social potential of Slovakia.

Because of that, is integrating immigrants and Roma people to the Slovak labour market efficient solution of economic, social and demographic challenges of our society. Immigration policy selecting qualified immigrants and with clear regulations for gaining the working permissions, living permissions and slovak nationality permissions creats good prerequisities for their integration to the society.

Another very important policy is education policy, which helps the integration of immigrants and Roma people in all the phases, beginning with pre-school education. The priority is creation of open and friendly environment supporting the integration of pupils and students from the minority environment in schools. Among the basic predispositions of success certainly belongs labour market without ethnic (or any other) discrimination.

Above all, we need to regard the integration of immigrants and Roma people as a chance for Slovak long-term prosperity. Human capital is inherent strategic unit of the modern world.


4 thoughts on “Labour market in Slovakia may be saved by integrating immigrants and Roma people

  1. I totally disagree with your opinion about Roma people. It is not a waste of economic potential, because they do not have any potential especially not economic. For an economy you need lot more then just people, you need skilled and educated people!!!
    And what about pre-school education???..They do not need pre-school education. We need to make them feel worse, harden their living condition and pay them all social benefits after they fulfill some conditions like these:
    -maximal number of children: 2
    -all the children have to attend the school with final results not worse than 60%
    -minimal number of long term employed in one family: 1
    This will solve lot of our problems. It will improve our numbers and also thier lives.
    Just think about it..and i do not think that this is a discrimination.It is just development 🙂

  2. dear blavacka 😛

    i understand your opinion. i found these ideas on internet pretty interesting – about roma people and their potential. And because such idea is not very usual for slovak person, because usually slovaks have the same ideas as you do, that´s why i wanted to point out to this article and was curious about the discussion 🙂

    as far as i am concerned, i disagree that all roma people are animals and uneducated and so on.. surely there are some exceptions. they live life differently than we do.. and the thing is, that we just don´t like it. i hope the situation will be better in the future.

    PS: everybody would like to take advantage of the state´s money, no? 😉

  3. Dear bikulka:P consider this topic and ideas that presents as interested, but you should know that as you think the exact number of uneducated roma people is not a minor or exception as you said, it is majority of roma people that are uneducated and when it comes to taking advantage of state´s money, you should know, who gives this money to the state, because the money did not just puff like that in the national budget, we and i mean people that really work hard, pay for those that you treat as people that just live their lives different…it is true they live different, in fact they are misusing all the people in my country…

  4. Hungary still could not integrate Roma people to the Hungarian society nor the labour market, though there were so many options, plans, and attempts to do this- from a very long time. If Slovakia will be able to do it, then please, tell to our country’s leaders, how to manage…


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