The labour market of Andalusia

Although Andalusia is an agricultural area,, the service sector and particularly tourism,retail and transport is now predominating. The construction sector, which has grown very quickly in recent years, also makes an important contribution to the region’s economic fabric. The industrial sector is less developed than in other regions. At present, the regional economy is experiencing sustained growth.

The labour market balance was not very positive in 2007. There was an increase in the active and employed population, although the latter to a lesser extent than the previous year, but unemployment rose sharply. Recruitment increased by only 0.3% compared with 2006. The stability index is low in this region (5.7% this year) and recruitment fluctuates greatly, the average number of jobs per person recruited being 2.4 per year. Last year the percentage of permanent jobs fell by 0.1%, although the farming sector saw a rise of 5.6%.

Most jobs in this region are low-skilled.
One particular feature of Andalusia is that its fabric of enterprises is largely made up of small undertakings employing between one and ten people, which account for 86.5% of the total; only 0.1% have more than 500 employees, and most of these are in Malaga, Seville and Cadiz.

In recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of immigrant workers, particularly from
Morocco, Romania, Ecuador, Poland and Colombia. Last year 11.1% of the people recruited were foreigners, mainly in agriculture and services. (c.f.

One thought on “The labour market of Andalusia

  1. I just want to add some facts which are based on my experience here in Spain. When going to the supermarket or other shops, I think quite a lot of Erasmus students have realized, that you have to wait longer than in other European countries. The workers seems to be more relaxed and work slowlier. Although, most other people don’t like this, I want to stress, that I like the Spanish mentality and that I don’t care whether I spend 5 minutes in a store or even 10. The worldwide trend to make everything faster and more effective also includes loosing of important values.


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