Banska Bystrica and Kosice regions in Slovakia

In Slovakia’s regions the largest number of people in employment is in the retail and industrial sector, the exception being the Bratislava Region. In terms of the level of employment in Slovakia, the Bratislava Region has the best employment figures in the country. This region has the highest levels of employment in retail, real estate management and leasing, commerce and industrial sectors. The highest levels of unemployment are again in the Banská Bystrica, Košice and Prešov Regions. This has a significant effect on developments in the levels of employment in these regions. In each of the regions the labour market is significantly affected by the general level of unemployment in Slovakia, by the creation of new jobs and by the number of people finding employment in other regions abroad.

BANSKA BYSTRICA REGION – the region with the highest unemployment rate

At the end of October 2008 the registered unemployment rate in the Banská Bystrica Region was 13.20%.

According to data from the Slovak Republic Statistics Office, in the first half of 2008 companies with 20 or more employees in the Banská Bystrica Region were employing 141 821 people. The highest employment rate was in the industrial sector (29.1% of the employed persons in the region). In the monitored period industrial companies employed on average 41 244 people. An increase in the level of employment was recorded in the building industry with the number of employees increasing in the first half of 2008 to 175 300 people.

Redundancies were recorded particularly in the engineering industry where 200 employees lost their jobs. In 2009 there should be additional job opportunities for further 350 people.

The average nominal monthly wage in the Banská Bystrica Region was 626EUR. In terms of economic activity within the specific industrial sectors in the region, the highest average nominal monthly wage was in public administration, compulsory social insurance and financial services, while the lowest average monthly wage was in hotels and restaurants, social and personal services and healthcare services.

KOSICE REGION – second highest unemployment

The Košice Region is situated in the south-eastern part of Slovakia. It is the second largest region in Slovakia, after the Prešov Region, with a population of 774 103 inhabitants. A slightly higher proportion of the population are women (51.5%). The average age of the population is 36.5 years.

A large proportion of the population work in industrial production, education, public administration, transport, telecommunications and healthcare. Commuting to work is quite common in the region. Most people commute to work in Košice and other larger towns. A large proportion of the population also work in other regions of Slovakia and abroad (mainly in the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the USA).

The unemployment rate in the Košice Region is quite high (12.13%), the second highest in Slovakia after the Banská Bystrica Region where the unemployment rate is at 13.2%. In the districts the highest unemployment rate is in the Rožňava District (19.34%) and the lowest in the Košice District (5.72%). This indicates a rather uneven distribution of job opportunities within the region.

The majority of unemployed persons are those with no, or with only a basic, education. They are able to find only unskilled or seasonal work. To find permanent work is difficult for them as employers prefer qualified workers with experience.


One thought on “Banska Bystrica and Kosice regions in Slovakia

  1. I think, that in the Košice Region is the question of unemployment connected to another often mentioned problem, and that is Romanies or Gipsies. I really do not care about the term . They are a nation of uneducated, unqualified and highly uncooperative people. On every summit that take place because of them, they give us interesting advice how to solve our problem, with paying them money for every child that attends primary school etc. but it is for nothing. I just think, that this is another kind of discrimination the people from majority. Another “inteligent” opinion is to increase the number of assistants of pedagogues. But this all is for nothing, if they do not care about their children education. This is just in their nature, not to work and make a plenty of children. You can not educate an animal.


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