Overview of The Bratislava Region´s labour market

The Bratislava Region is the smallest region in terms of area but it is economically the strongest region in the Slovak Republic.

The Bratislava Region comprises eight districts – Bratislava I-V, Senec, Pezinok and Malacky. The capital city Bratislava has 426 927 inhabitants, of which 296 915 are people of economically productive age. In Malacky, Pezinok and Senec the number of inhabitants of economically active age ranges from 45 000 to 25 000.

By the end of the 2nd half of 2008, the average monthly wage in Bratislava was SKK 30 887. The average monthly wage in the Malacky District was SKK 25 927 while in the Senec istrict it was SKK 20 074 and in the Pezinok District SKK 19 715. (1 EUR=30,126 SKK)

As of 30.9.2008, the unemployment rate in the five districts of the Bratislava Region was 1.9%, which is the lowest in the Slovak Republic. In the Malacky District the unemployment rate was 4%, in the Pezinok District it was 3% and in the Senec District it was 2.43%. Due to short distances and a good transport infrastructure in these districts, many people commute daily to work in Bratislava.

As regards the structure of registered job seekers, the Bratislava District represents the whole spectrum of the entire country. Nearly 44% of all registered job seekers are people with completed secondary education, 26% are people with tertiary education and the remaining 30% have a basic education. The number of people with trade certificates registered as job seekers is much smaller as the labour market is able to absorb such persons much more readily. Another specific indicator shows that 30% of the total number of registered job seekers with completed secondary and tertiary education are people in the 45–50 age group. These people are mainly looking for work in the administration sector. However, there is an insufficient number of jobs of this kind for them in the Bratislava Region (the majority of the jobs are taken mostly by young people with an appropriate education who come to Bratislava from all regions of Slovakia).


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