Immigration is a Europe-wide concern

d3706eu0Immigration is emerging as a key issue across Europe. Many countries, with ageing populations and falling birth rates, desperately need to attract skilled foreign workers. But concerns over illegal immigration and people smuggling are growing. Some countries have toughened their asylum laws, and pressure is growing for greater co-operation between governments.
As usual, illegal immigration is mostly seen in every rich country, like Europe, America, or Canada. People all over the world immigrate when they need money, or when they are inspired by a particular country, or some other reasons.
What I want to emphasize here is that illegal immigration is mostly seen in every rich country, especially in Europe. This kind of immigration can lead someone into lots of social problems like unemployment which is happening in EU. It may sound easy to be legal, but is not easy.
I have found an article about immigration in Europe. An immigrant from Senegal is telling that she once immigrated in Europe, and had difficulties of finding employment even though she had a visa. “Sometimes, people might have the opportunity to find a job but will never get to the point. In some countries like the United States, if you have a visa, or a green card, you may have the opportunity to work, and also get a citizenship in five years, and shall be considered as a US citizen.” Europe immigrants have lots of those issues which should be solved by the European embassy, or government.
Besides unemployment there are other several problems that European countries are faced with. As once all round Europe immigrants, literally, died to get in, many Europeans said that immigration is an “important” or “extremely important threat”.

The causes of these worries range from xenophobia to terrorism and the perceived failure of multiculturalism. Rioting is another extreme phenomenon in Europe because most of immigrants say they are being treated “unfairly”. But one is simply that people believe immigration to be out of control.
There are national programs to control immigration into Europe. See

These threats of immigration are confusing – and got us asking lots of questions:
How are different European countries succeeding or failing to integrate immigrants? Do these immigrants feel discriminated against because of skin color, ethnicity, religion, language, postcolonial history, or some combination thereof?


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