Bratislava region – why the most prosperous in Slovakia???

Bratislava’s strategic location at the junction of the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary has been a key factor in making the Bratislava region the most prosperous in Slovakia, facilitating economic and cultural cooperation, an educated and skilled labour market, the easy circulation of goods and capital, and tourism.

The region now generates about a quarter of the country’s GDP, has absorbed about 65 percent of its foreign investment, and enjoys virtually full employment. All industrial sectors are well represented in the Bratislava region, and are highly centralised in the capital. However, Bratislava is also the administrative and financial hub of the country. All major banks and all major insurance houses have their headquarters in the Slovak capital, and the finance and insurance sector accounts for about a quarter of the region’s GDP, well above the Slovak average. Main production branches of the region are the chemical, automotive, engineering, electro-tech and food industry. Still, the Bratislava region is the first region of Slovakia where trade and services are gaining dominance over industrial production. Bratislava is Slovakia’s technological and scientific-educational centre. It has the highest percentage of university-educated citizens in the country, and over 40 percent of Slovak university students study in Bratislava. Several international IT firms, including Dell, IBM, Lenovo, AT&T, Accenture and SAP have set up outsourcing centres in the capital.

There is no doubt that in contrary to the other Slovakia regions, is Bratislava on the top regarding to labour market and employment. All of the major companies are situated in capital of Slovakia and that is why there is a big gap between Bratislava region and for instance Orava region.


3 thoughts on “Bratislava region – why the most prosperous in Slovakia???

  1. Of course, that the main reason why is Bratislava region most prosperous region in Slovakia, is that Bratislava is the capital city. In my opinion Blavacka pointed out every main things and indicators. There is no other place to discuss. Now, better question is “What to do with other regions? How encrease prosperity in other regions in Slovakia??” We can see, that our politician are always discussing how to get new investors and free sources for other regions of our country. But I think this is not enought – only speak about this, these regions need actions!!

  2. I think that u r right niveolo..we have to take action and improve the situation in other regions, but u should know that THERE IS an action, we had lot of new investments in our country e.g. KIA, but the problem is and mainly nowadays that international crisis affected automobile industry and all the more the regions, in which this industry was the only provider of job opportunities..
    ..and another problem in poor regions is a percentage of uneducated or unskilled people..

  3. well, hypothetically.. one option is to wait until Bratislava will be all “booked out” and there will be no place for other companies.. 😉 the region will have to be wider and wider as the companies will build their companies further away from the center – Bratislava..

    better option of course is to do something. education of the population is the most important thing. some companies offer training programs, but most of them are more interested in already skilled people, so they wouldn´t cost them more money then necessary. but with high unemployment – high education is quite difficult as the people don´t have time for education because they have to earn money also for their unemployed members of family..

    what usually helps is increasing tourism (and we have lot of beautiful things to offer and places to show!!), higher government investments on education, better composed laws, …


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