Czech labour market

The problems of the Czech market are well-known. Everything starts with the system of education, which is not adequately connected to the real labour market and its needs. This is very obvious in construction. In the last couple of years, the number of new graduates of technical secondary schools and colleges has been continuously decreasing, especially in teaching construction jobs. This situation continuously aggravates the age structure of employees in construction firms, namely in skilled positions. The system of vocational schools does not currently produce optimum numbers of students in total as well as with respect to their structure and focus (bricklayers, carpenters, etc.). There are several causes. One of them is the unfavourable demographic development of the Czech population. Another is the state policy – increasing the level of education among the population decreases interest in vocational jobs. The attractiveness of construction jobs is reduced by the need to commute, by frequent changes of job sites and often by the performance of work in bad weather. Last but not least, unfortunately, some building jobs have a lower social prestige in the eyes of the public and are not sufficiently rewarded. Companies have to deal with this problem and look for ways to bring pupils from elementary schools to the vocational schools, while ensuring that they work in construction when they complete their education. They have to try to communicate with their parents a lot and deploy a motivation system in the form of scholarships, pocket money and study loans.


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