New trends in the integration of convicts in Slovakia

Civic association ANDROS is an association that provides education for adults, seeks to develop conditions for general and constant access of individuals to new and revision of existing knowledge and skills and to stimulate their proactive approach to further education. Focusing at identification of the opportunities for education and assistance in the integration of individuals who served their sentence into society, the NEW START project has introduced new dimension to the education of adult learner in Slovakia.

The New Start is a project providing education to individuals serving their sentences and assistance in integrating such individuals into working cycle after they served their sentence. The project’s key objective is to facilitate access and return to work to the individuals having difficulties with the integration and reintegration at the labour market. The NEW START seeks to achieve the above aim by improving the qualification and standard of education for individuals serving their sentence and by proactive post-penitentiary care. Opportunities for good quality or specialised education of this group are limited. After having served their sentence and left the imprisonment facility, this group does not have equal chances when looking for a job.

This project attempts to give them an opportunity to be trained in IT skills and to receive the internationally recognised certificate of computer skills. Moreover, they are trained to present themselves before potential employers. Besides, they are receiving help in identifying suitable work. Help to find employment for individuals who had been released from a penitentiary and completed the self presentation, PC courses and motivation training is an important part of this project. Post-penitentiary care in this project is defined as contacting potential employers, mapping of labour market for this target group and helping them to get a qualified employment.


4 thoughts on “New trends in the integration of convicts in Slovakia

  1. is really nice idea of educating convicts and integrate them into society, but IT??..maybe i just do not understand what does it mean..does it mean only basic knowledges or some specialization??
    ..if i were an employer i can not imagine to hire someone with record in a rap sheet..maybe if the state offers me some kind of benefits..something to make me feel that i made a good bussiness 😀

  2. Of course, I mean basic knowledge at first. In my opinion, nowadays claim from every person least basic skills with pc programs, especially with Microsoft office and internet. So convicts will have better chances to get some job.
    I agree with your notice about hiring these people and about some benefits. Maybe it can be good start for convicts if state offers some advantages to companies which hired them.

  3. ..but NIVEOLO my question is: if u were an employer would u rather hire someone who has less skills and was not in prison and you know that u need to offer him some training or a person who already has this basic skills, but was in prison???
    ..i know that this is maybe more moral dilemma than a question of economics, but i would love to know your opinion and of course opinion of other people, who think that can bring another point of view to this conversation..

  4. If I have to stated truth i would rather hire non-prison people without high skills. But, as you mentioned before, state can offers some benefits and then maybe I will be speculate about decision hire people with record in a rap sheet. And we never know if this non-prison person will not do lawless acts in the future. 🙂


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