Slovakia regions and labour market

The current problems connected with ongoing restructuring changes, different economic conditions, geographic differences in foreign investment, and employment growth, etc have multiplied the differences between individual regions as regards their infrastructure and potential for economic development. Therefore large regional differences can be seen in the economic strength of regions, which in recent years have exhibited a tendency to further deepen. Problems connected with the development of the economic infrastructure, the lack of modernisation in industry, the slowdown in construction, recession in agriculture, etc. are now exacerbating these current regional disparities. The economic strength of regions is, among other factors, determined principally by the economic, technical and social infrastructure in place. Quite naturally, this infrastructure is concentrated mostly in urbanised areas, where consequently there is a high share of job opportunities. The economic strength of a region is significantly reflected in unemployment insurance payments, which comprise both an employee as well as employer aspect. This indicator partially, but relatively accurately shows the economic potential of a region. The urban areas of Bratislava and Košice generated two-thirds (67%) of redistributed funds, (Bratislava, Košice and Žilina) created together three quarters, i.e. 75.1% of these funds. The high surpluses were caused not only by the above average economic infrastructure, but also by the low rate of unemployment. Bratislava itself created almost a quarter of the total premiums collected (SKK 2.3 billion, i.e.23.2%) or of funds. Those regions highly urbanised and well-equipped in terms of infrastructure (outside the urban parts, the districts of Bratislava, Košice, Žilina, Nitra, Trnava, Banská Bystrica, Prievidza, Trenčín and Prešov) in 2002 created more than half of the unemployment insurance collection (51.9%) and concurrently also the overwhelming majority (91.1%) of all free funds for redistribution to economically weak regions for instance Orava, Kysuce etc.


One thought on “Slovakia regions and labour market

  1. Nowadays is this theme very actual. In Slovakia are very strong regions mainly in the west of the country. As everybody knows it needs to improve and increase number of working place in the east of Slovakia. It needs new investments, but also more educated people there. Because educated people want to earn a lot of money,that is why everybody wants to work in west of the country (there are much higher wages like in east). So there is many problems which Slovak government has to solve.


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