What can help EU labour market? – Education!

Education should meet the needs of the European, national and regional dimensions of education. In particular it must meet the needs of Europe’s multicultural and multilingual needs. The areas of education relating to European and the shaping of the European citizen – pro-active, multicultural, and multilingual – should be areas of shared responsibility. Among the many thinkable dimensions – without putting to much strain on them, since clearly they cannot solve all of society’s problems – schools should also help to become European. European in the sense of not just being part of and helping to shape the modern European landscape, but also of cultivating, developing and defending European values, European culture, and the history of the European project e.g. the reason which gave rise to the project, the functioning of the EU, its policy, the position of its citizens and their rights and obligations. Beyond the European dimension in education there is of course the need for education to be based on the global values of humanity. It goes without saying that all educational planning must be compatible with these values. Young people want Europe to be tangible. The views of 15to 24-year olds on the functioning of the EU as well as their vision of Europe identified the following measures to make young people identify with Europe: Employment is one of young Europeans` main concerns. One in every two young European thinks that completing part of their school, university or vocational education in another country is a “very effective” measure. Many young people are in favour of learning another foreign language.

2 thoughts on “What can help EU labour market? – Education!

  1. I think that education and educated people were discussed in many articles here. What blavacka wrote is totally true. In EU we still have many non-educated people that is why some our indicators are so bad. But in my opinion not only society as such, but also people, have to want to study and improve our social scale.

  2. I agree with niveolo. In many countries there are good possibilities to improve the education in Germany for example many universities can be visited without charge and also the government offer unemployed people to take over the costs of special courses which can improve the labor skills. But not many people take this opportunity.


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