10% of Employable Hungarians are out of work: What is to be done?

According to public opinion Hungarians feel unemployment is the country’s most serious problem. In contrast, it appears that the unemployment rate (the percentage of employable adults currently out of work) has stabilized, and recently has even declined. In fact, the current unemployment rate, when compared to the rest of Europe, does not seem exceptionally high

No matter what their political stance, experts agree that Hungary’s main economic problem is not unemployment but the decline in production which has caused unemployment. But when asked the question “what will it take to increase production?”, opinions begin to diverge.

Some feel that what is needed is an American-style “New Deal”. Others feel that the role the state plays in the economy is still too great, and that only a strong private sector can lead the country out of its economic crisis. Still others feel that no matter what the state of the economy, there will always be a need for a highly trained work force. They advocate an employment policy which would allow workers to retrain themselves, or at least help them retain what is most important in the labor market: skills, knowledge and motivation.


3 thoughts on “10% of Employable Hungarians are out of work: What is to be done?

  1. What it will take to increase production? For me, beyond´s the government role, a robust private sector is, of course, crucial to increase production, thus to generating the jobs, services and financing needed for economies to grow. However, the importance of highly trained and motivated work force for employability is also high. Nowadays, skilled labour is in great demand. Having skills is the key to the future success….to increase production.

  2. From my point of view a big influence of a state in economy means don’t mean also a weak increase in production or in development of the economy of this country. Countries like China and India showed that economical success is also possible with a high state influence. And I agree with the last point which means that an increase in the number of high-skilled worker could make the employment situation better through an increase in productivity.

  3. I can only say about this, that I am really curious about what will our new president’s, Gordon Bajnai’s regulation couse in our economy. The strict reorganization should reach at least some of the aims of the economic plan.


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