Labour force in Banská Bystrica Region (Slovakia)

The region of Banská Bystrica with its area of 9455 km2 is the biggest region of the Slovak Republic. It is situated in the southern part of Central Slovakia. Banská Bystrica and Zvolen are two major cities in the region. The southern part of the region is characterized by its multi-ethnicity (e.g., large number of Roma population) and multi-nationality (a large number of the Hungarian-speaking population).

The current educational structure of the population with economic activity is characterized by the prevalence of people with secondary education (full secondary education and vocational education), which in Slovakia make up 70% of the workforce. It is also possible to observe a decrease in the number of people with elementary education. There is only 9% of university educated students.

The region has a 10.93% share of GDP generation, taking up the fourth place among all regions. On the other hand, the unemployment in the Banská Bystrica region has been one of the highest for several years. The counties Rimavská Sobota, Revúca and Veľký Krtíš (situated in the southern part of the region) have for several years been leading the Slovak unemployment rate tables with the unemployment rate of 25 – 30%. On the contrary, the northern part (especially the counties of Banská Bystrica and Zvolen), over a long term, has an unemployment rate lower than the national average.

In the Slovak labour market, there are several groups that have been identified as vulnerable: graduates and youth, people with any kind of handicap, persons older that 50 and the long-term unemployed. Young people and unemployed with the elementary education constitute the greatest portion of the vulnerable population.


2 thoughts on “Labour force in Banská Bystrica Region (Slovakia)

  1. there is only 9% of university educated students?? that is such a small number! i am concerned, because i was born in banska bystrica and i lived there for two days.. so maybe if i stayed there, i would be among those 9%.. or maybe among those 91% ?? i think it is highly important to invest more money to education in this region! actually in all the slovak regions 😉 education is the first step to the creation of the modern society.

  2. Bikulka, but in this region, as you surely know, there are cities like Lučenec, Rimavská Sobota and so on. That is why in this region is so low indicator of educated people. There live many Romanies and how was discussed in many others articles on this page, they are not so clever to have high education(or they do not want to have it – but i think it is the same:). In Banská Bystrica (i know that you know this, but for other readers:) is one of the biggest universities of Slovakia, so i think that you would be among those 9%.. do not worry 🙂


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