Romania skilled labour shortage ‘highest worldwide

Romanian businesses face the greatest difficulty worldwide in finding qualified personnel.One explanation for this is that following Romania’s accession to the EU in January 2007.

The situation sparked a vast labour exodus to Western Europe, creating labour shortages in many sectors of Romania’s economy and slowing the country’s economic growth.In order to tackle the crisis, the Romanian government is encouraging repatriation, while trying to attract workers from outside the EU to fill gaps in the labour market. While in most Western countries the greatest demand is for skilled manual trades and technicians, for Romania the highest demand is for engineers.

The effects of the Romanian authorities’ effort to find a solution to the manpower shortage have been felt as far away as Pakistan, where the press has recently highlighted the job opportunities. Romanian firms have already been in contact with countries such as China, India, Pakistan and Kenya, and the first arrivals of foreign workers are expected in 2009

Representatives of Romanian businesses said that bringing workers from neighbouring countries such as Moldova and Ukraine is no longer a solution. They also admitted they did not consider training unemployed Romanians to be a solution either, arguing that once they had learned a profession, they would leave the country to work abroad for a higher salary.

The average monthly salary in Romania of €400 still lags far behind Western Europe. But since the country’s EU accession, Romanians are witnessing one of the biggest and most rapid salary increases in Eastern Europe. However two million of the 22 million Romanians already work abroad for much higher wages.


One thought on “Romania skilled labour shortage ‘highest worldwide

  1. The argument for not wanting to train the unmployed is not really that unfair. But I cant help to think why they dont attach a ‘BUT’ in agreein to train the unemployed. We, the government will train you. But you will have to work for at least 5(/10)years in this country. With the idea of ‘nothing comes for free’ I believe that this is still a reasonable offer to the unemployed. right?


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