Short overview of the labour market of the Canaries for 2007

The autonomous community of the Canaries main overview:

Population: 2 025 951 inhabitants

People in working age: 1 688 900

People are able to work: 1 024 300 (Activity rate is 60,65%)

Employed people: 911 500

Unemployed: 112 800

Unemployment rate: 11.02% ( 2.42 points higher than the national average of Spain)

The main labour market of the Canaries is the service sector, with 74,70% of the employed population who works in this field. (Spain’s national average is 66,41%.) The key areas are tourism, trade and transport. But also the construction sector increase with the building boom plus the growth in tourism and accounts 15,51% of jobs. In 2007 the Canaries´ economy compared to 2006 by 3.8% which suit with the national average. But because of the slow grow during the last 7 years the Canaries has one of the lowest GDP of the Autonomous Communities. This growth was achieved despite the fall of the number of tourists, who visited the islands this year. Compared with the previous year in 2007 there were only 9 326 116 tourists and this represent a fall of 2.94 %. The autonomous community of the Canaries provides 5.02% of all employment within Spain.

In the year 2007 recruitment fell over the last year and was -0.90% down on 2006. The only sector which achieved a weak increase over the previous year was services (0.86%), all other sectors being down with the most significant falls in Construction (-7.96%) and Industry ( 3.96%). The highest rates of recruitment of the Canaries were in other business activities, construction and hospitality. The highest recruitments were achieved for jobs with low-skill levels, which are cleaning staff, shop assistants and waiters, waitresses and bartenders. The total recruitment number is 785 777, this number characterizes a 0.22% down on 2006.


2 thoughts on “Short overview of the labour market of the Canaries for 2007

  1. These statistics are realy surprising. I never thought the Canaries embody such a high percentage of the spanish population. It is also surprising that there is industry at all because of the incredible infrastructural disadvantage. In my opinion these islands are the ideal holiday destination, and they should continue to work in their reputation.

  2. it doesn´t surprise me that the main labour market of the Canaries is the service sector, especially in these areas: tourism, trade and transport, because the islands are almost 100% tourism orientated. I believe this sector will continue to be their number 1.. but it will always depend on the touristic season.. i think they should try to do something else as well – not just the touristic orientation, because than the country is very dependent on it and sometimes in the times of crisis this may cause serious problems.. (when the tourists don´t come..)


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