The Bavarian labour market

Bavaria has fewer unemployed despite of the crisis (status: 30 April 2009). The short-time saves the Bavarian labour market furthermore to face high unemployment. In April, the number of unemployed increased by more than 10.000 to 333.076. With an unemployment rate of 5,1 percent, the Free State Bavaria does well in comparison with the whole country. The number of short-time workers has again increased massively within a month. In April the statisticians counted 450.000 short-time workers, 50.000 more than in the previous month in the Free State Bavaria.

The short-time has almost reached its peak according to the reporting of the Bavarian Regional Directorate of the Federal Employment Agency. At the same time there are first layoffs in businesses with short-time. In May a slight decline of unemployment is forecasted because of seasonal reasons, followed by a sharp increase until the spring of 2010. It can be noticed that regional differences are melting within Bavaria. It can be considered as a positive effect, that the regional gap closes further. In “Oberfranken” unemployment declines, while it rises in “Oberbayern”. Oberbayern as the best district in April had a rate of 4,5 percent, the worst Oberfranken district still 6,1 percent. At the local level recorded 27 towns and municipalities an unemployment rate of 3 before the decimal point. Leader Eichstaett remains at a rate of 2,4 percent, followed by Pfaffenhofen and Erding with 2,8 and 2,9 percent. The city with the highest unemployment Amberg is currently at 9,7 percent, only slightly below Schweinfurt (9,3 percent) which is troubled by the crisis in engineering. And the city of Nuremberg, with 9,1 percent.


One thought on “The Bavarian labour market

  1. From my point of view the example of Bavaria shows that a country or even a region like here, which has a stabile economy, which based on different economic areas survives economical downturns much better than an economy which is based only on one or few fields.


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