Ministry of Vietnam eyes Russia as a potential labor market

In 2008, Vietnam and Russia signed an agreement for labor cooperation and opened labor exports.

Sending workers to Russia to work has been promoted since the beginning of 2008.

The Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Welfare (MOLISA) estimated the number of workers in Russia to be in the hundreds and thousands, with most working in textiles and garments and machinery manufacturing.

According to Nguyen Thanh Hoa, Deputy Minister of MOLISA, Russia is a great potential job market, its demand for workers is very large, as many Russians are working overseas.

At present, nearly 30 Vietnamese companies are allowed to recruit and send workers to Russia.

The labor export companies need to register labor contracts with the Overseas Labor Management Department and ensure average incomes are around US$290- 350 per month.

Incomes will be higher once people work extra time, around $400 per month.

Since the end of 2008, many foreign job markets were affected, including Russia, due to global economic downturn.

Out of the many Vietnamese workers who were sent to Russia, many had to come back early as Russian companies had to cutback staff during the economic crisis. A total of 7,000 workers from the world have had to come back due to such problems.

Others workers had to wait to 2-3 months to get work once they were in Russia.

Currently, around 30 percent of workers sent to Russia are in danger of losing their jobs.

Mr. Hoa said labor export agencies must compensate workers if companies finish contracts early.

He agreed that Russia is a large market for exporting workers, but the country needs to continue to carry out evaluations of the job situation.

The Ministry asked the department to establish a delegation to visit Russia to review the situation before promoting work opportunities.

Russia has a strict demand for highly quality workers, as well healthy workers. The agencies need to pay special attention before sending them to Russia.

According to Dao Cong Hai, deputy head of the department, some workers did not find jobs in Russia and had no money to come back the country. He asked companies to bear responsibility to find jobs for workers or bring them back if they cannot do so.

For labor export agencies, to avoid the risk they need to check the situation by contacting the Vietnam embassy in Russia, Mr. Hai stressed.


2 thoughts on “Ministry of Vietnam eyes Russia as a potential labor market

  1. I suppose that the initial idea projected here was one with good intentions. However one might ask himself whether decisions to go and send vietnamese people to russia is not one taken to hastly. I’ll bet that most of the vietnamese who are recruted and send there, have no idea what they are up against and that a lot of rules and regulations (conform their state of health and so on) will be disregarded and their wish to upgrade their life by earning money might be misused if not abused (by the russians / vietnamese government).
    Also the lack of continuous observation of the needs and demands of the russian labour market will result in a gap between collecting results and the results being used and reported by the vietnamese government. So, vietnamese will arrive in russia, there is no work for them, they spend their last money on a ticket to russia and cant go back, nobody is willing to take responsibility to offer them the trip back home,. what is to become of those? this will end in a discussion between governments on who had ultimate responsibility.

  2. About the agreement between Vietnam and Russia at the beginning was really a great idea and could improve the economic situation for both of them.

    Unfortunetaly, the crisis came up and made this agreement not move forward as well as they planned. Nevertheless, most trades from vietnam are for United States, Japan. The Asian culture has to be expand with Slave culture and work together. The day after the crisis, this association between them could be really potential and productive.

    Now About the government of Vietnam and the one of Russia, they have to make a better situation for workers. Both has to get the equal winning with this agreement and not to try to abuse each other, it’s not going to work out for a long term.


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