Moldova’s uncertain future

According to the statistics, young people (between 15 and 29 years precisely) in Republic of Moldova form 1/4 of the whole population. In a country that faces different economical, social and political problems, young people are first of all exposed to different risks and difficulties. Young face a general incertitude towards the future, coming from the high unemployment rate, inflation, they don’t have access to qualitative information and services.

The degree of youth participation in public and political life is low. However the existing NGO’s and youth associations are quite active. The student self-government structures affirm themselves, more or less stronger, in the process of decision making inside the universities. There is also a network of youth resource centers acting on a regional and national level.

The unemployment is one of the key problems for young people in Moldova. Despite the government efforts in offering employment facilities for young graduates, the youth policies and lows don’t work effectively, there are insufficient opportunities of getting a job. In this way young people refuse to accept a low salary and frequently choose to work abroad.


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