Employment Of Women In Turkiye

Women’s joining to the business life and being employed in every field, are important to
make sustainable development and improvement steady. This situation is tried to be supported by
many international policy. In the world from the 1970s up to now, although the ratio of women joining
the business world has been increasing, unfortunately it is just the opposite in Turkiye, being less all
the time. In the years 1970-1990 the percentage of women joining the business life decreased from 50%
to 30%. This ratio is now about 25%. This result has a lot of reasons. The rapid growth of population
and migration to the big cities has increased the ratio of unemployment. The majority of women
working in the villages, in agriculture have become unemployed in the cities. Further, the low education
level of women also affects women working. It is also observed that in many job sectors women are
working without any insurance. It is understood that there is no equity in the payment of the work
that women do. Educated women generally take place in the field of service, finance, insurance, estate,
wholesale or retail sale more than men. Low number of pre-school educational institutions is also
another reason for the less employment of women. The non existence of laws encouraging women
working and state’s having no positive discrimination for women are other reasons. In other words,
there are lots of problems about the employment of women in Turkiye and this has a quite negative
effect on the sustainable development of Turkiye.
But in the highlight of new developments in Turkiye the employment of women is also increasing and promising for future expectations.


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