Equality of opportunities and creative business

Capital and labour have become standardized “goods”. Economic globalization promote the standardization of the producing  process, what is becoming a global market of services provided. These services are increasingly being shifted to countries where cheap labour is available. Therefore,in situation of economical globalization, Asia has become the greatest winner. Chinese and Indian economic and export growth rates are significantly higher than in Europe.
Countries with expensive human capital, if they have great creative capital, can be internationally competitive, because innovation is a way to convert human intellect and creative potential to the economical growth. More and more EU leaders in national export performance is closely linked to the creative capital. For example, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands and Germany are both the export and creative leaders in the capital. Creativity, leading innovation, has become a key contributor to economic growth. Therefore, international competition and economic growth has become critical national capacities to develop and attract creative people, and also create an environment conducive to both creativity and implementation of this idea, as well as commercialization . Today, innovation is no longer attributed only to high technology but also to new ideas creation and implementation to every playground. Given the massive expansion of education, more
important for national competitiveness is to ensure a good education, and involve into creative process as greater number of citizens as possible. The need for creativity in a broad sense that modern society can not
afford to lose the exclusion because of their potential human capital. The economic system
in which social mobility is higher, the higher the creativity of society, in every able young
or young person, even the lowest strata of society have the opportunity to lead and demonstrate their ideas. Therefore, disseminating good in today’s globalizing world is not the countries with the lowest wages, but the countries with greater equality of opportunities in the social and cultural education system which can ensure a maximum number of its population for creative activities.


2 thoughts on “Equality of opportunities and creative business

  1. Very interesting and topical theme of reality. Nowadays we need to have some differences in character, look and also in the way how we are thinking.
    Firstly, because there are so many people now and there will always be necessity for original ideas and different approach.
    Asian people advantage is their good skills to work as machines and their smart minds to create innovations, while our advantage is quality of job and the way how we do it and it’s because of our creativity 🙂
    The ways how to attract people attention can be very different, but only by realizing them we will see the result.

  2. Without a doubt innovation and creating ideas should be the competitive advantage of europeans, because it might be hard to battle against the tremendous economic force which comes from Asia.
    The only thing -despite globalization- is that the europeans might not be able to find the needed means to match with the foreign asiatic taste.
    At the end the europeans might be again the losers. They probably fall behind.
    Sometimes it is hard to implement an idea if there is no adressee who is interested in the topic, it all depends on the culture where you want to put your idea into.


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