Shocking number, “ticking time bomb ‘

This is undoubtedly one of the most pressing problems of the Middle East today, presented by Queen Rania of Jordan as a “ticking time bomb.”
The Middle East has the largest oil deposits in the world. Despite this, not fast enough to ensure their jobs and keep people in one of the highest birth rate in the world.
Unemployment among young people is one of the most serious problems in the region.
Some numbers are simply shocking.
The report prepared by the staff of United Nations Program for Development a few years ago, informed about the average level of unemployment at 25 percent, while the figure was much higher in places such as Yemen, Algeria, and the Palestinian Authority.
Current official figures and analysis is difficult to find anywhere.
As an example, just mention the meeting of Ministers of Labor, to be held in Manama in Bahrain, under the aegis of the Arab Labor Organization. After four attempts to determine the most recent statistical data and issue the latest report on this issue, participants in the meeting surrender.
Hopefully, that approach has not resigned as divide those who are frustrated with finding work.
A survey this week by a public relations firm Burson-Marsteller ASDA’A among the two thousand young Arabs shows that unemployment is found among the three most important issues that concern the next generation of the Middle East region. Besides unemployment, the Arab youth listed a quality of education and high cost of living.
The first two concerns are closely linked. Although the governments of the Middle East – particularly the Gulf states – are investing millions of dollars in higher education, often concluding partnerships with Western institutions, basic education and the average definitely needs to be modernized.
Business leaders from the Arab world rustic encourage governments to act quickly and lead to the fact that schools will be preparing young people for what labour  market really need.
Arab Business Council has published a study indicating that over the next ten years the region will need to create 100 million new jobs that unemployment remained at the same level. This number makes the government leaders are beginning to invest quickly to cope with this challenge.
The Government of Bahrain provides a view of the new proposals for training and retraining of its workforce.
One thing that clearly distinguishes the inhabitants of Bahrain, is their willingness to work at all levels of society – no matter whether the vacancy is a hotel employee, taxi driver, office or officer who, by his higher pay helps build social class nightmare.
Such an approach is not unusual in the Middle East.
Often in statistics, the Middle East as well forget about the so-called level. Underemployment.
As is clear from the survey ASDA’A Burson-Marsteller in the region each year, ending four million school graduates, but the labour market may take only ten percent of that number.
Young and educated Arabs choose employment so that there is no connection with their education or leave the region and do not ever come back here permanently. None of these things does not support long-term development, or the creation of future jobs.


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