Wages of European women:Promotion or children.

Differences between the wages of men and women in the EU law has not changed in 15 years. – Women are better educated and earn less – says the EU’s justice commissioner Viviane Reding.
Women in the European Union earn an average of 18 percent  less than men. The difference in Germany and the UK is more than 20 percent. In Estonia up to 30 percent. In Poland is lower in the EU and is close to 10 percent.
In this statistics, the best present Italy, where the wages of women differ from men by only 5 percent. – Italian’s woman work mainly in low-paid occupations. Men in similar positions is difficult to pay more – explained Italian sociologists.
Recent statistics show that the main obstacle in the career of European women, which could be quickly remedied through legislative changes, it is no longer sexist, but the burden of motherhood. Especially women in high positions earn roughly the same, and make a career  no more slowly than men – if only to give up having children.Choice between work and child is not only discriminates against women, but also disastrous for the developed countries that need the female talents and hands to work while trying to save itself from extinction and the need to permit the mass immigration to patch the shortfall in the labour market.
Therefore, how to help women reconcile motherhood with work? – Nurseries in companies, more kindergartens, flexible working hours – the experts suggest. Among the few costly changes which even out opportunities for women, refers to a longer work in schools, which for example, in many parts of Germany, are closing at midday, telling their parents (mostly mothers) care that children are not left unattended.
Decision of a large number of women to switch to part time job, discontinue or not to work before bringing up children favour a long school holidays with the closed schools. – This should be changed. Care funding in the school holidays would return to government after a few years – convinced experts of international trade union federation ITUC.
Aware of the lack of equality between women and men is fairly strongly common in Europe – 62 percent Europeans believe that their country has no real gender. Most Europeans see anti women’s stereotypes in professional life (54 percent).
– These differences translate into economic costs. We calculated that if the women could use their equal opportunities in employment, EU countries could increase its GDP by at least 15 percent. – Announced by EU Commissioner for Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding.


3 thoughts on “Wages of European women:Promotion or children.

  1. Unfortunately I have totally to agree with you. The gap between female and male wages/salaries is striking and gets even worse. Not just the fact that most of the women are as good as or even better educated than their male associates but also the fact that a woman has to decide between motherhood and working life is a pathetic display for our society. In my opinion woman are not even able to decide on their own any more when the question “Child or work” rises up. If an employer finds out that one of his female associates is pregnant she will be automatically downgraded. Moreover for a woman who already has a child and wants to go back to her former position in the company after the baby break, it is almost impossible to have the same employment. For example: A friend of mine is 32 years old, working as a financial executive officer in a big company. After she gave birth to her first child and stayed home for 2 months, she is now working in her old position. Unfortunately the baby stays during this time at the Nany who keeps care of her. All child sociologist will now loudly scream, but this is the only option for her bringing both “almost” together. So being honest, there is no real possibility for a woman to have both at the moment: A good position in a company and being a good, loving mother. Drastic changes have to be made before both family and work is possible for a woman. The discussions about company kindergardens are all very nice and keep the topic on fire, but about this, people are talking about almost 10 years and nothing has changed. So hopefully we see a wind of change during the next 10 years.

  2. In my mind it is very chalenging to talk about subject like this because of nature establishments. From the very beginnig it was considered that women have to take care about the children and family life but men are in charge for money, power and work. The chalenge is in, that world has changed and clues about family values and sharing duties and obligations has changed during the years. Unfortuantely it is impossible to change the nature – women will always be responsible for giving birth to a child and it always will lead to taking care of it. From the employer point of view its more reliable to hire male employee, and it is normal. Therefore, i have to say, that there have to be very modern solutions in the offices or companies to provide the chance for women to combine – work and taking care of a children, without affecting quality of the made job.

  3. In my opinion it will be very hard to put men and women on the same level regarding wages. It will always be a differentiation between them. One reason for that will always be that women will become mothers and there is no way to change the nature. Furthermore there will be always jobs, that are better handeled by men and some or better handeled by women. But still, if either men or women doing exactly the same job with the same amount of input and working hours, i think this should be rewarded the same.


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